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Certified Coach, Lisa A. Romano Is Redefining Ways To Regain Emotional Independence

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Certified Coach, Lisa A. Romano Is Redefining Ways To Regain Emotional Independence

June 16
18:45 2022

NEW YORK – June 16, 2022 – Certified coach, best-selling author, YouTuber, and one of the most known influential voices in the industry, Lisa A. Romano, has been ceaselessly growing in the coaching industry and has helped thousands of people across the globe to find their way out of crippling codependent narcissistic relationship dynamics. As a tireless advocate for wounded adult children, she is known for her unique approach to mental toughness training. After coming into the awareness of her own codependency issues, Romano learned to retrain her subconscious mind and found her life’s purpose in teaching those with similar histories, to transform their lives, as she has done.

“Children who grow up in dysfunctional homes are forced to abandon the self, for the sake of avoiding more pain. When a child suffers emotional abandonment, they conclude it is their fault they feel unloved. Feelings of unworthiness fuel codependency. As adults, one can remain unaware of their propensity to care more about others than themselves, as well as the childhood wounds responsible for why they end up in toxic relationships. My aim is to assist others to overcome the wounds of the past, by combining sound psychological, and biological principles, as well as spiritual concepts that allow for a holistic healing process to unfold.”

Best known for her work in the field of codependency and narcissistic relationships,  Lisa has been an empowered voice in the industry for years now. After a series of life-changing events, she realized that she was codependent and started her journey to recover from it. Through the process, she discovered that many people struggle with the same issues. Her YouTube channel is a platform she uses to help share her journey and how one can become more self-aware of why they might continue to attract codependent-narcissistic one-way relationships.

She recently explained, “Codependency is often caused by growing up in a dysfunctional family where love is conditional. As a result, codependent adults often attract narcissistic partners and find themselves subjugating their needs for the sake of a more demanding partner. It is often, unresolved abandonment issues from childhood that fuel people-pleasing, enabling, and rescuing tendencies. It’s important to uncover the experiences that arrest us emotionally, in order to change the beliefs responsible for our disempowering relationship dynamics. Until we awaken to what is happening at the subconscious level, and what experiences have shaped faulty beliefs, sadly, we remain stuck in unhealthy patterns. Awareness is the key.”

Her transformational 12-week breakthrough coaching program is a recovery process that leverages her proven and systematic approach to help empaths and codependents regain their sense of emotional independence while reprogramming the subconscious mind.  Romano believes in the power of an organized mind and shares her personal triumphs as evidence of what is possible when one becomes open to radical self-exploration.

Her healing programs, based upon the science of learning, further include guided theta-brainwave meditations to help others shift sabotaging faulty beliefs at the subconscious level. They concentrate on deep self-analysis journaling exercises and homework assignments to unlearn destructive belief patterns and relearn healthier ways of processing internal conflicts. “In order to heal our lives as adults, we must unlearn the coping strategies that allowed us to weather the storms of difficult childhoods, and that is not easy to do, considering the brain is built for survival as opposed to success and happiness. It is an honor to guide those willing to do this deep healing recovery work back to the divine self.”

As Lisa’s coaching has navigated countless individuals out of codependency and feelings of unworthiness, she has aligned her aims to help even more people in the future through her coaching in NY.

About Lisa A. Romano

Lisa A. Romano is a certified life coach and author from New York who specializes in cases of codependency and narcissistic damages. She started her organization in an attempt to address the problematic foundations of these existing problems among adult relationships. Her aim stands upright in helping people through their fears, so they can break free from challenging relationships and emerge as victors. Lisa’s work revolves a great deal around helping people unlearn the dysfunctional coping mechanisms they have adopted to deal with their past traumas.

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