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Nutritional Empowerment Promotes Cancer Free Status.

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Nutritional Empowerment Promotes Cancer Free Status.

June 17
21:47 2022

Germany – 17 Jun, 2022 – Nutritional Empowerment is a secure way to build a healthy foundation and contribute to the maintenance of a Cancer Free Status. Being Nutritionally Empowered means knowing what foods serve the human body best, when optimal consumption time is and how to prepare foods to receive optimal nutrition.

During remission is an opportune time for applying strategies to facilitate the maintenance of a Cancer Free Status. Knowing what, when and how to eat specific foods that promote healing, regeneration and overall life enhancement is key for maintenance. However, Nutritional Empowerment is not only incorporating optimal nutrition everyday but also understanding safe detoxification guidelines to facilitate true healing.

Nutritional wisdom from a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) perspective, taps into the energies of foods, providing the framework in a whole food plant-based approach to eating and living. Having this dietary knowledge, and gaining tools for practical application, are key factors to maintaining a Cancer Free Status. The battery of a phone needs re-charging every day, just as it’s imperative to re-charge the human body with foods that replenish and enhance health.

Clients who have adopted the Nutritionally Empowered Approach to maintaining a Cancer Free Status notice improvements in all areas of their life; mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual. Clean eating helps to support greater awareness and increased clarity of the mind, freeing up the mental load that is a burden to staying Cancer free.

Emotional stability increases with the implementation of life enhancing foods, increasing an overall state of balance. The physical body releases tension, aches and pains when receiving nutrition that supports enhancement and detoxification. Connecting to the energies of foods and viewing what nature provides with greater understanding and appreciation, compliments spirituality.

Nutritional Empowerment allows Cancer Survivors to detox in a safe and effective manner for various body types, ages, and conditions. Detoxification is a process of cleansing that contributes to maintaining a Cancer Free Status.

Society has moved away from the natural healing powers of foods. Hippocrates said, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”. It is time again to get back in touch with the natural medicine that can be grown in back yards and balconies. Nutritional Empowerment enables Cancer Survivors to move past worry and fear of Cancer recurrence and into confidence, strength, and knowingness that these lifestyle improvements promote the maintenance of a Cancer Free Status.


About Lori Voss-Furukawa:

Lori Voss-Furukawa is from rural central Canada and emigrated to Japan at the age of 22 after completing her university degree.  In order to enable her clients to stay Cancer Free, Lori has drawn on ancient wisdom from a variety of healing modalities to develop strategies for maintenance and prevention.  In 2009 she received a series of vaccinations that were deemed necessary for her move to China, unfortunately her health deteriorated rapidly after the vaccinations.  Lori began her healing journey, starting with Traditional Chinese Medicine and quickly came to the realization that teaching others about the body’s innate ability for healing, was her life’s work. Lori believes we are always learning and is devoted to helping her clients become Nutritionally Empowered. 

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