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How to Choose a Massage Chair for the Elderly – A Comprehensive Guide

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How to Choose a Massage Chair for the Elderly – A Comprehensive Guide

July 05
05:09 2022

There are hundreds of different full-body massage chairs available in the market today, each with its own gimmicks and quirks to try and stand out from the rest. Normally, this is a good thing because variety increases the odds that a customer finds the massage chair that suits their personal needs, but it makes the process of choosing much more difficult. This is made worse if the massage chair will be used by a senior citizen because there is no telling what a big and tall massage chair will do to their timeworn bodies if the specifications are incompatible. That is why the Modern Back, one of the most reputable massage and recliner chair distributors in Florida, has agreed to answer some questions regarding this matter in particular.

How Do Massage Chairs Even Work?

This is arguably the first question that pops up in every person’s head whenever they see a massage chair for sale – usually after they see the daunting price tag. To put it simply, massage chairs have different mechanisms like roller tracks that knead and stroke different parts of the body much like a regular human massage. Their main purpose is to provide users with quick and convenient access to all the benefits of massage therapy without having to leave their own houses. Almost anyone can make use of it, but seniors, in particular, can benefit from them greatly as they are more prone to skeletomuscular complications. The reason for the high price is that these machines are made with specialized components that are not found in other appliances. They are also encased in high-quality upholstery that would look great inside the modern American household.

What is Important in a Massage Chair for the Elderly?

As previously mentioned, choosing the best massage chair for an elderly user is difficult because their bodies are more sensitive than the average adult’s. Massage therapy is relaxing, but it can also hurt the user if it becomes too intense. Here are some specifics people should evaluate:

1. How Far Can It Recline?

The ability to recline is important because most seniors would prefer to stay in one spot in the house rather than moving around constantly. By being able to recline as far back as 180 degrees, the massage chair can double as a bed. Back massage chairs like the Daiwa Supreme Hybrid can also massage at this angle with its unique Hybriflex technology. Another thing to mention is that a massage chair should also be spacious enough to allow the user to move around while laying on their back.

2. What Programs Does the Massage Chair Have?

How effective a massage chair also relies on the automatic programs that it can do. Automatic programs are preset scripts that the massage chair follows in order to target specific parts of the body and provide a unique experience. For the elderly, the best presets are the low-intensity ones like gentle strokes, tapping, and controlled vibration. These are guaranteed not to cause any discomfort to a user who is otherwise not ready for high-intensity massages. Osaki massage chairs are excellent in this department, and models like the Osaki Maestro LE are also designed to feel like actual human hands working on the body.

3. How Difficult is it to Operate the Massage Chair?

Accessibility should also be a priority when choosing the right massage chair. Thankfully, this is no longer that difficult since most top-selling massage chairs come equipped with touch screen control panels, remotes, and even automatic body scan technology. Japanese massage chairs, known for their completely hands-off operation, perform this exceptionally well. The JPMedics Kumo, in particular, also has voice-activated controls in addition to their extensive lower body support.


Massage chairs are very relaxing, but in order to truly get the most out of them, especially if they are choosing one for a senior, people need to be careful when choosing which one to buy. It is not always reliable to pick from top-rated massage chairs because those models are designed for general appeal. Recline capability, available programs, and accessibility are all extremely important aspects that people can base their decision on, and most of the time they’ll find the one they’re looking for. The Modern Back claims that with the right massage chair, a person’s quality of life will be improved tenfold!

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