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Best-selling author, coach, and CEO of The Infinite Power of You Inc., Amanda Rose, on mindset mastery for empowered living.

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Best-selling author, coach, and CEO of The Infinite Power of You Inc., Amanda Rose, on mindset mastery for empowered living.

September 14
14:33 2022
“Master your mindset, and you master your life.” – Amanda Rose.

Amanda Rose has devoted her life to serial entrepreneurship and coaching, where she helps people master their minds to achieve success. She has also authored books based on her experience that guide people to empowered living. Amanda Rose works with her clients to help them create sustainable wealth and success that gives them the time and freedom to live the lives they want.

Amanda is the CEO and founder of The Infinite Power of You Inc., a company that teaches business and mindset growth for entrepreneurs who want to make the most of their business and life. “By focusing on developing the mind, I guide my clients through the habits and techniques for mindset mastery.”

She is also a multi-published multi-genre best-selling author, course creator, and actor. Her company, The Infinite Power of You Inc., focuses on each client’s strengths and guides them towards mastering their minds so that they can build their own methodology rather than adopt a specific mold. She relies on her experience over the years to bring extensive insight to her clients. She has been recognized for her unique approach and featured in many publications and news articles, including FOX, CBS, NBC, and Yahoo! Finance. Amanda also recently received the BRAINZ GLOBAL 500 and CREA 2021 awards.

“The Infinite Power of You Inc. is here to help you flourish on your journey through mindset growth, manifestation, business development, wealth consciousness and management, and authorship.”

Success starts in the mind, which is why Amanda focuses on equipping people with the right tools but also the mindset to create their dream lives. This way, people become unstoppable forces. Amanda helps people uncover their deep seeded belief systems, re-evaluate those beliefs, build new supportive ones and take action. Her book, “Manifesting Magic: A 21-Day Guide for Harnessing The Magic of Life Through The Law of Attraction,” takes people on a journey of self-discovery to help them unlock their unlimited energy and potential.

The 5th book in the manifesting series has also been translated to Spanish, allowing Amanda to reach more people looking for guidance in their lives. It unveils 21-days of practices that help people cultivate the law of attraction and apply it to experience the magic in life. It is the start of a life filled with happiness, freedom, love, money, and fulfillment. 

Through her coaching and course creation online domain, Amanda has created in-depth courses that span mindset coaching with an emphasis on business development. Her focus on diversifying her approaches sets her apart from the competition. She is recognized as an inclusive business owner who caters to an underserved demographic. Amanda works with MH & Co. for all her translations, and multicultural marketing needs to help get her message across.

Browse through The Infinite Power of You Inc.’s comprehensive and wide array of courses, masterclasses, memberships, and coaching options. Also, grab a copy of Manifesting Magic to start a 21-day journey to soulful abundance.

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