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Now Available in the USA: Innovative and Patented Heel Relief Insoles by WALK.

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Now Available in the USA: Innovative and Patented Heel Relief Insoles by WALK.

November 14
22:54 2022
Our unique insoles allow your heels to float in the air, reducing the pain and speeding up your healing process.

Going through daily activities with heel pain is frustrating. For those suffering with heel spurs, plantar fasciitis, or intense heel pain, it can be debilitating and devastating. The pain cycle continues in a loop because total healing requires rest while temporary rest continues the pain.

WALK Innovations is the innovative heel relief solution that breaks this cycle; allowing for heel relief during daily activity. Instant relief occurs when the usual heel pressure caused by body weight is eliminated. With WALK’s patented insole design, it leaves heels unprovoked and floating in the air within the shoes. With no bottom surface pressure agitating the heel, the heel and its ligaments can heal in comfort even while on the go. This simple, yet profound method will positively disrupt the world of podiatry.

WALKS’s patent-designed shoe inserts were created by orthopedic medical specialists who have seen and treated thousands of patients with foot problems over the last 35 years. Rather than continuing to create customized insoles that serve patients on an individual, and quite expensive, basis, they decided to think and go bigger, serving the community-at-large with universal foot solutions.

WALK has now developed a unique and innovative design that is now available exclusively on their website. They offer free shipping everywhere in the USA and Canada as well as a 365 Money-Back Guarantee, which makes trying out WALK a no-brainer. Try WALK today and you can start treating your heel pain instantly and for the rest of your life.

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