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Scalable Law Is Helping Law Firms Everywhere Find The Best Methods To Grow Their Client Base And Expand Their Business

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Scalable Law Is Helping Law Firms Everywhere Find The Best Methods To Grow Their Client Base And Expand Their Business

November 15
16:48 2022
The founder of Scalable Law has developed a proven formula for growing and improving small law firms into long-term, successful businesses. This expert formula was tested personally by its creator in her own law firm, resulting in incredible results of more profit and freedom in her business.

Founding and building a law firm takes a lot of hard work and dedication. The work doesn’t end once the law firm is set up either. The new law firm owner will constantly be working towards obtaining clients, working with their existing clients, and trying to keep up with the standard business demands. The law firm owner finds themselves quickly dedicating most of their life to just run their firm with no end in sight. 

The founder of Scalable Law found herself facing that same dilemma not that long ago. She knew she had to change that lifestyle and created her Scalable Law system to do so. 

Scalable Law’s origins and goals

Caralee Fontenele started her own law firm. She’d always had aspirations to own her own business and be the boss of her own life, and this seemed like the best way to do it. It didn’t take long for her law firm to become entirely too demanding to be a sustainable career. The hours were incredibly long, she found herself isolated from working most of the time, and the firm still wasn’t growing. 

Caralee developed the Scalable Law formula to solve the issues she was facing in her own firm. Not only did this method pull her out of a never-ending workload, but it also turned her law firm into a seven-figure business. 

Wanting to help other law firm owners in a similar spot, she founded Scalable Law. From employee onboarding to systemising and social media, she’s got the ideal package. Her packages have everything an owner needs to save themselves time and money while expanding their firm. All of this is without having to put in those long, seemingly never-ending days. 

She even offers a free workshop that teaches the three biggest law firm mistakes, what to focus on, and how to know it’s time to hire new talent. 


Scalable Law has the tools for any law firm business owner to start growing their firm and getting precious time back. Whether it’s one-on-one coaching or content strategy, Scalable Law has every need covered. 

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