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Project Honey Bees – Saving the endangered bees and pollinators, Worth Investing?

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Project Honey Bees – Saving the endangered bees and pollinators, Worth Investing?

November 29
17:07 2022
Let’s see if Project Honey Bees is legit or a scam

Is Project Honey Bees a scam? Short answer, NO, Project Honey Bees is not a scam. Long answer?

Upon extensive research into comments on Facebook and reviews on Trustpilot and other channels, here are the findings. Let’s start with a couple of main reasons why people call Project Honey Bees a scam and how it’s being addressed by the company.

Let’s start with the Bee adoption – many comments, especially on Facebook seem to make it sound like this is a dumb gimmick or a scam since bees only live for a couple of weeks. This is true, however, Project Honey Bees doesn’t give out regular worker bees for adoption. The customers get to adopt a Queen Bee that lives for years, with every purchase of any item. Technically the adoption involves the entire hive, and it’s a super cute initiative from the brand in order to bring more interactiveness into the whole saving the bees and pollinators movement. The bees and beehives are all real, and customers are able to read up on them after purchase.

Claims that Honey Bees aren’t endangered – And here’s where things get a little tricky. Depending on different sources, it is easy to get confused. Research says that beekeepers lose thousands of bees every year, at least according to a non-profit Bee Informed Partnership, and some sources say that it’s native bees that need help. Why can’t the brand support both? Well, Project Honey Bees does just that, actually partners with charities to help both native and non-native pollinators. It only takes less than 10 seconds of research to figure that out, though I can see why this might be misleading since the face of the brand is a honey bee.

Does the brand actually donate its money? Yes, they are legitimately donating their money. This is arguably the most important aspect of the brand, and if Project Honey Bees was a scam, they certainly wouldn’t care to do that. After reaching out to the charities and research organizations that PHB claimed to partner with, here are some surprising results! Project Honey Bees has partnered with Karma Honey Project, Honey Love Org, and UC Davis Pollinator Center, and currently as of writing this article, is partnered with Cornell University Pollination Fund. ALL these institutions have confirmed being partnered with Project Honey Bees. The brand has donated over $50,000 across these charities to date, not counting the sponsorship of local beekeepers PHB has and the involvement in local communities the brand engages in.

So is Project Honey Bees a scam? No, Project Honey Bees is NOT a scam! They are legitimate, they operate from the USA, they donate their money, and each product is made with passion and love on US soil.

However, please beware of copycat brands – many of them are a scam! Charities these brands claim to partner with aren’t aware of the “partnership”, or these brands sent a small donation of less than $200 once and claim to be “partnered”.

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