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Businesses are Looking to Oursource Hiring of SEOs but Sensitive Data-Management is a Key Worry, New Study by WinSavvy Finds

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Businesses are Looking to Oursource Hiring of SEOs but Sensitive Data-Management is a Key Worry, New Study by WinSavvy Finds

November 29
19:42 2022
WinSavvy recently surveyed and interviewed hundreds of business owners in the US and UK and discovered that most businesses are looking to outsource their SEO hires, instead of doing it in-house, or using outside freelancers and consultants to supplant their in-house SEO effort.

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is an essential process of optimizing and improving websites. With the rapid advances of global digitalization, especially in the business world, nearly all businesses use SEO strategies to improve their website visibility on the web.

WinSavvy is a startup consultancy on a mission to empower business & startup owners with the knowledge to efficiently grow their online businesses. One of WinSavvy’s latest market analysis is titled “What You Need to Know Before You Hire SEO Services: Industry Review,” which contains valuable tips and information regarding the rapid change and impact of professionally done SEO in various sectors.

For example, law firm SEO is often substantially different from search engine optimization techniques used by insurance companies. Since lead value of law firms are much higher than that of other industries, they prefer hiring SEOs with more sales experience, as confirmed by Bao Tran, founder of California-based IP firm PatentPC. WinSavvy also found that businesses are starting to stress on SEOs having industry specific knowledge relating to the client’s business. This means that one of the most important criteria for choosing the right SEO agency is selecting a company/agent specializing in the desired niche or field.

Established names in all business departments deploy different SEO tactics in comparison to startups and emerging brands.

WinSavvy’s trending publication touches all the bases regarding SEO outsourcing. Although this process can be performed by an in-house team, especially if employees of any given firm are flexible enough to learn the ropes quickly, it takes a professional to ensure predictable, consistent results.

Since Google shifts its SEO requirements and parameters frequently, professional SEO services need to take action as quickly as possible. This often means redoing numerous website pages (or even entire websites), which even seasoned SEO veterans need plenty of time to do.

As imparted by WinSavvy’s spokesperson, “some of the greatest challenges in outsourcing SEO are work culture and time zone differences, language/communication barriers, cultural/behavioral differences that are often prevalent in many outsourced SEOs.” With the growing regulatory challenges relating to data possession and data use, businesses are also starting to face issues on data security and privacy due to outside consultants and freelancers having access to a wide swathe of confidential business data.

However, to remain on top and efficiently manage their businesses, regardless of their niche or target audiences, most business owners agree that they need to outsource their SEO projects to reputable professional firms and services.

Complete study can be accessed here:

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