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The New Ticketing Platform Set to Disrupt the Event Landscape

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The New Ticketing Platform Set to Disrupt the Event Landscape

February 23
20:00 2023
Event Tree simplifies affiliate marketing for event organizers by providing a new way for influencers, attendees, and promoters to earn money from their event recommendations.

Organizing a successful event requires a lot of effort, and one of the most critical components is selling tickets. While various methods exist to promote and sell tickets, influencer marketing and word of mouth remain the most powerful. Affiliate marketing leverages these two methods with businesses sharing a portion of a sale’s proceeds with the person who helped generate that sale(affiliate). Traditionally, event ticketing has not been a focus of affiliate marketing. However, a new ticketing platform called Event Tree has recently emerged that is changing this landscape.

Event Tree is a web platform that focuses on empowering event organizers (and anyone looking to earn money) with tools that increase ticket sales through word-of-mouth marketing. It came about after the founders discovered how events using influencers and attendees as affiliates experienced a noticeable increase in ticket sales. CEO and Founder, David Facey, states, “More often than not, event attendance is driven by who’s going or who’s promoting an event. We wanted to make this more visible and transparent so we created Event Tree as a means for event planners to engage their audiences better and reward them when their contribution leads to ticket sales.”

Within the platform, any person can become an affiliate by adding event listings they discover on event tree to their own event tree, which is their own dedicated web page they can share with their network. This simple and easy-to-use feature helps organizers reach new audiences without relying on expensive advertising.

Event Tree’s affiliate program allows organizers to set a commission rate for each ticket to their event. Users or affiliates, earn money whenever someone makes a ticket purchase to an event discovered through that user’s tree. This feature not only incentivizes users to promote events within their network but also allows organizers to expand their reach beyond their immediate network.

With more and more consumers turning to their networks for recommendations and information, Event Tree offers organizers a unique way to tap into this trend and leverage the power of word of mouth to promote their events. Overall, Event Tree is an exciting development for the event industry. By combining the power of affiliate marketing with event ticketing, it has the potential to revolutionize the way events are marketed and sold.

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