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Alleyman Tarot Cards Make Tarot Reading Cool and Fun

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Alleyman Tarot Cards Make Tarot Reading Cool and Fun

February 24
02:40 2023
The mismatched cards set is a selected patchwork project, making it one-of-a-kind — truly a collector’s item.

Tarot card reading is one of the oldest and most common divination practices in history. A form of cartomancy or fortune-telling using a deck of cards, tarot card reading was first introduced in the 14th century using a set of playing cards. It took more than 400 years before it was well-established using actual tarot cards. Today, while modernization has taken the way people live, work, and play to the next level, tarot card reading still exists, and many are into it.

Publishing Goblin, the publisher and New Titan Print, the manufacturer, are into this kind of divination practice. And as modern-day companies, they aim to empower other enthusiasts and encourage curious individuals to enjoy one of the oldest forms of fortune-telling by offering unique tarot card sets available for purchase through their online store website

The Alleyman Tarot Cards sets are truly unique. There are no same sets ever. Each deck is composed of 137 cards that Seven Dane Asmund put together through licensing more than 100 cards from other modern artists, museums, and other old sources. A selected patchwork project, each deck has old cards from vintage decks, new cards from modern decks, and cards designed by artists, including Seven themselves (owner of Publishing Goblin), solely for this purpose. According to an Alleyman representative, curating each set is already a masterpiece, and owning a unique stack is something to be proud of. “Be open, honest, make cool art, and share it with the world,” said the company representative.

Other than these, the complete deck features many components, such as a tarot guidebook, five booster packs,, chips, and coins, as well as a one-of-a-kind tarot cloth and art prints, satin deck bags, and a wooden cigar box. All these are also available separately from the same website.

What makes Alleyman Tarot even more distinct than other tarot card decks is that it contains some oddities that Alleyman selected because they can add additional insights to the readings. There are nine Deaths, two Devils, two Suns, three cards from the Tower series, and other peculiar cards such as the Fountain and the Three of Books.

Alleyman Tarot was originally funded through Kickstarter, where it attracted almost 20,000 backers. The project blew past its original goal of $85,000 in less than 12 hours and received a whopping $1.4 million in funding. This made Alleyman Tarot the most funded and backed tarot card game project in Kickstarter history.

About Alleyman Tarot

Alleyman Tarot is a Kickstarter-funded company that holds the record for the most funded and backed tarot card game project in Kickstarter history. It offers unique tarot card decks that comprise various cards from the old and new decks, as well as cards designed by artists solely for this purpose.

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