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Uxsino Software Appeared at the 2019 Soft EXPO, Importantly Releasing Its Database “Super RAC”

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Uxsino Software Appeared at the 2019 Soft EXPO, Importantly Releasing Its Database “Super RAC”

July 04
02:41 2019

The 23rd China International Software Expo (the “Soft Expo”) was grandly opened in the Beijing Exhibition Center on June 28, 2019. With the theme of “Integrating the Network Road, Drive Digital Future”, the event is designed to fully display the achievements and latest results of the software industry in the year of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China. Except for over 300 enterprises engaged in big data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence, MIAO Wei, the Minister of Industry and Information Technology, CHEN Jining, the deputy secretary of the Beijing Municipal Party Committee and the major of Beijing, CHEN Zhaoxiong, the Vice Minister of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, YIN Hong, the member of the Standing Committee of the Beijing Municipal Party Committee and deputy major of Beijing and other government leaders also attended the event, indicating that the state attaches great importance to the basic software industry, which is important for promoting the software industry development.

CHEN Zhaoxiong, the Vice Minister of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and YIN Hong, the member of the Standing Committee of the Beijing Municipal Party Committee and deputy major of Beijing visiting the booth of Uxsino Software

Beijing Uxsino Software Co., Ltd., a famous data security and database product operation service provider in China (hereinafter referred to as “Uxsino Software”), made a stunning appearance at the Soft Expo, providing the results of its many years’ hard work in the data security and database, including the new version of UXsino Database (UXDB), the system of six core data protection products, the overall solutions of the industry and UXsino Grade Protection 2.0 solution. Its booth was crowded and caused the intense reaction from the Chinese and foreign audience present. In addition, SUN Jiayan, Chief Operating Officer of Uxsino Software, was invited to deliver a keynote speech at the Global Software Industry Development Forum to share the latest achievements and future trends in basic software research.

Ready to Start a New Chapter of UXDB

The rapidly developing software industry has been able to support the high-quality economic development of the state. How to become a leader in developing the basic software industry on the basis of following the original mission and with ingenuity at this turning point? Uxsino gave us an answer.

On the morning of June 28th, as the first company to launch the “Soft Expo”, SUN Jiayan, Chief Operating Officer of Uxsino Software, which was the first enterprise to take the stage of “Soft Expo Release”, stood on the stage explaining the new features of UXDB to the guests with easy-to-understand language. According to reports, UXDB is an independently developed, safe and stable enterprise distributed database, associated with a number of intellectual property rights, and accredited by the Ministry of Public Security and other national institutions. Applying memory fusion and global resource management technologies, UXDB provides the Super RAC, with the highest availability and high performance of database, the MPP-based real-time analysis of PB-level massive data and the automatic fault tolerance and elastic layering of DFS.

SUN Jiayan said that the linear dependence between overall performance and the number of nodes is ideal model of a multi-node cluster system. For the Shared-Disk database cluster system, a large amount of synchronization between nodes is essential and when the amount of information reaches the order of tens of thousands of times/second, or the number of nodes reaches a certain level, the performance of the cluster system will be depleted.

This problem was profoundly considered at the early stage of designing the UXDB Super RAC, with limited broadcast synchronization and control to avoid excessive performance loss and try to realize the linear dependence between overall performance and the number of nodes of the cluster. At present, 64 nodes can be supported if performance of each node is not significantly depleted

In addition, the new version of UXDB is designed for the optimization of OLAP columnar storage engine, supports SM2/SM3/SM4 algorithms and geographic information plug-in, and is optimized in terms of functions such as MPP link management, DFS, tools and services for database migration, etc. UXDB can be widely applied since it satisfies the needs for transactional and analytical multi-service scenarios, and the needs of the government, military, finance, manufacturing, energy, medical and other industries for industrial upgrading and informatization.

Great Endeavors in Data Security Were Made to Realize Multiple Values

Along with the increasing awareness of the importance of security and protection of core data in finance, medical, education and other industries, Uxsino Software attended the Soft Expo with its independently developed system of six core data protection products (operating system security, database security, cloud security, operation and maintenance security, business security, and boundary protection). The system includes dozens of security products from boundary protection to intranet security, from passive defense to active protection. The core data protection products of Uxsino Software provide users with comprehensive security protection and a complete solution for the industry.

Software users of the industry enable to control by themselves with the core data protection solutions, the information security grade protection solutions, the integrated statistical business solutions, the power intranet security solutions, the financial integration operation and maintenance solutions, the medical and health care system information security solutions, and other specific solutions, which are considered reliable and secure by them. Such excellent customer experience has advanced the growth of Uxsino Software rapidly in recent years.

Uxsino Makes Your Data More Secure

Uxsino Software is dedicated to data security, database and data services, offering users with stable, secure, industry-leading products, services and comprehensive solutions. After many years of painstaking research and development, Uxsino Software obtained a number of national invent patents and more than 60 software copyrights. The company and its products have been granted with over 80 qualifications and honors. It has established three-level linkage management and service network centering the Beijing headquarters and covering nearly 30 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities under the direct administration of the central government).

Uxsino Software was listed on the NEEQ (stock code: 430208) in 2013, and entered the innovation layer of the NEEQ in 2016. At present, Uxsino Software is one of the most potential companies in database and information security in China (the top ten information security companies), and the benchmarking enterprise with the most outstanding performance in the data security on the NEEQ.

Grinding one sword for ten years, the craftsman finally gets what he has expected. Uxsino Software has survived from past ten years and under fierce market competition, will continue to pave the way through innovations, to adhere to the “craftsmanship” and to become the leader in developing the basic software industry.

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