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Hyzon Motor (Ticker:DCRB) is Over Weights

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Hyzon Motor (Ticker:DCRB) is Over Weights

February 25
16:15 2021
Hyzon Motor (Ticker:DCRB) is Over Weights
  1. Unlike batteries that need to be recharged, fuel cells can continue to generate electricity as long as a fuel source (hydrogen) is provided. Battery charging can be time-consuming, while “filling up” a Hyzon FCEV takes just a few minutes. No truck driver or logistics truck company will buy a tesla truck (Why wait 6-12 hours to charge when Hyzon only takes less than 5 minutes to refuel with hydrogen).

  1. The Cost of replacing this battery is super expensive with the new battery shortage growing. This replacement will be more expensive to replace in the future.

  1. Hyzon Motor already has multiple Engines and Trucks on the road running on hydrogen fuel cell-powered across Europe, China, Australia, and New Zealand.

  1. Ticker: DCRB Hyzon Motor Valuation is cheaper than Nikola, Tesla and They barely have working commercial trucks on road and on the other hand, Hyzon Motor has more engines and truck’s on the road than Tesla and Nikola Combine.

  1. Hyzon motor DCRB is undervalued and overweights price needs to be in the trading range of 40 and 80. Importantly, Hyzon’s technology is already in the market, with hundreds of vehicles and engines on the road powered by Hyzon fuel cell technology and which has been developing fuel cells for stationary and mobile power applications for two decades.

  2.  Hyzon mobility applications have high power for marine, Train, and heavy equipment, and for mobility applications that need very lightweight, such as Aviation, they are among the few able to supply, and our fuel cell engines are very competitive in those market segments. 

  1. Hyzon FCEVs also address several drawbacks of Battery electric vehicles. Battery-powered Class 8 trucks suffer from reduced payload by several tons.

  • Fuel cells generate electricity through an electrochemical reaction, they are a clean source of power. In fact, fuel cells that use pure hydrogen are carbon-free. 

  • Individual fuel cells can be “stacked” to form larger systems capable of producing more power, thereby allowing scalability. A single fuel cell can produce enough voltage to power small applications, while fuel cell stacks can be combined to create large-scale, multi-megawatt installations. Because there are no moving parts, fuel cells are silent and highly reliable. 

Why Hyzon Motor has more trucks and engines on the road its stock should be trading above Nikola. Despite Nikola having no meaningful revenue, Nikola’s market value surged as high as $28.8 billion before sliding back to its current valuation of about $9 billion.

Hyzon already has more than 400 commercial vehicles on the road using its fuel cell technology. DCRB should be trading higher than Nikola since Hyzon motor $37 million on revenue on 85 units sold in 2021,by 2022 it forecast is 100 percent covered by contracts and MOUs, while their 2022 forecast is almost 50 percent contract and MOU covered, and more than 100 percent covered when high-probability orders are taken into account.

Hyzon Fuel Cell Technologies, which has been developing fuel cell technology for commercial applications for almost 20 years and Hyzon already accepting preorders in Europe for its new Truck. Hyzon aggressive commercialization plans that support growing investment in hydrogen infrastructure in the USA and Komatsu Japan’s top construction equipment maker, plans to develop hydrogen power as an alternative to diesel for heavy-duty mining dump trucks, in a first for the industry but there will need Hyzon DCRB Engine and expertise. 

Key Benefits of Hydrogen

• Hydrogen can be produced from diverse domestic resources for use in multiple sectors, or for export. • Hydrogen has the highest energy content by weight of all known fuels — 3X higher than gasoline — and is a critical feedstock for the entire chemicals industry, including for liquid fuels. • Hydrogen, along with fuel cells or combustion-based technologies, can enable zero or near-zero emissions in transportation, stationary or remote power, and portable power applications. • Hydrogen can be used for gigawatt-hours of energy storage and as a “responsive load” on the grid to enable grid stability, increasing the utilization of power generators, including nuclear, coal, natural gas, and renewables. • Hydrogen can be used in a variety of domestic industries, such as the manufacturing of steel, cement, ammonia, and other chemicals.

Hyzon Motor (Ticker:DCRB) is Over Weights and compared to TeslaPlug and Nikola.

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