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PII security challenges over 5G and user responsibility, by Nakul Madhura, a PII data security expert in Australia

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PII security challenges over 5G and user responsibility, by Nakul Madhura, a PII data security expert in Australia

March 01
16:34 2021
PII security challenges over 5G and user responsibility, by Nakul Madhura, a PII data security expert in Australia

Nakul Madhura, PII data security expert

5G provides new opportunities, enabling us to deliver groundbreaking solutions that reach across users. It is synonymous for high speed connectivity and with its launch comes greater challenges and ever-increasing need for personal data security. Web will become more compelling for users to share their personal identifiable information, while using more apps/ portals. There is a shift happening towards Cloud based architecture, giving immense liberties to maneuver and expand as needs increase from an infrastructure perspective. This is met by an equally broad yet challenging cybersecurity environment. Advances in technology, together with the broader development of networks beyond 5G RAN, are expected to have a significant impact on security.

According to Forbes 81% of all the enterprises have a multi-cloud strategy laid out – equal or higher for Mobile application adoption. However, like any rapidly evolving space, hybrid-cloud and multi-cloud adoptions come with their own set of challenges. Enterprises that are early adopters need to carefully tread their strategy, taking into account the complexity, costs and pitfalls that these challenges might ultimately entail.

The End consumers still believe if the devise they use is safe their data is safe or if the password strength validator indicates a High Strength password, then their data is safe. Experian in its 2020 report states only 34% of users (global average) see value in their personal data and want to gain more control of their data. The same report also claims that 86% organizations with PII data are aware of their liabilities and need to protect the data. To the contrary for users: retaining and processing the immense volume of passwords is turning out to be a challenge. Adding complexity and the need to change the passwords after a specified period is also a challenge. Though, not regularly changing passwords is a greater challenge that must be avoided.

Having spent a large time in this industry, can safely say that speed will bring immense opportunities for its users, new avenues that were only concepts will become reality. However, the fraudsters are not going to let the opportunity pass without making most of it. And while global standards like GDPR are the global government initiatives ensuring their citizens do not get an impact because of stolen identity, stolen data, or plain frauds, we must always remember that security adoption is not a one-way initiative (organizations to users) It has to be reciprocated by the users also. While Governments acknowledge the value of their citizen’s data and insist that the same is protected and the data consumers (read enterprise with data) follow the guidelines mandatory for PII security. Users also have a role to play: upgrading their apps regularly, read updates before accepting, adapting to the multi checks before completing a transaction, acknowledging the inconvenience of changing passwords every month, basically becoming aware of the value of their own data and the contribution required to keep their data safe.

Let’s not lose sight that our generation has come a long way from that of our forefathers. The conclusive notion of marrying adequate security and superior user experience has a high probability of providing an overall enriched and trustworthy experience to potential 5G users over the most advanced cloud service. Users themselves also have a role to play to secure what is their own.

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