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An emerging talent from Uttrakhand, India, Rashi Sain releases a new folk song “Buraans”

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An emerging talent from Uttrakhand, India, Rashi Sain releases a new folk song “Buraans”

March 12
11:09 2021
Rashi Sain, an Indian born singer, and a lover of music creates a new song with her team, Mashakbeen. This song, titled Buraans is an Uttarakhandi folk song that represents the culture, beauty and people of Uttarakhand, a state of India. Being born here, Rashi Sain has a special place in her heart for this state.

Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India – Music is like magic that connects the soul with a person’s body, it brings peace and harmony to the heart. Rashi Sain has more than just this connection with music. She can’t even imagine a single day without listening to or singing a song. According to Rashi, “I think music makes us feel all the emotions differently, be it happiness or sadness. My daily routine starts with morning Riyaz (practice of vocal chords). It makes me feel connected with God and inner peace.” Singing makes her feel alive and more connected to the world around her. In a sense, music brings consciousness to Rashi, and so, she holds it very near and dear to herself.

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Rashi loves folk songs, especially Garhwali songs, towards which she has a special love. Recently, Rashi Sain released her latest song, Buraans. This song was produced after a long process of writing the lyrics, choosing the perfect place to shoot the video, creating the perfect folk tunes for the song and other production-related tasks. Buraans is a product of hard work, that represents the passion put into it by Rashi Sain and her talented team. Sung by Rashi Sain, the lyrics of Buraans have been written by Himanshu Rawat, whereas the music video was directed by Mayank Rawat and production-related tasks were undertaken by Ayush Bagwari.

Buraans is the season of Holi, a religious festival celebrated by Hindus. Holi arrives in the Spring season, which is the most beautiful time of the year, especially in the villages of Uttarakhand, where the video of Buraans was shot. Holi comes with the spreading of colors and enjoying the colorful, happy moments with loved ones. Similarly, the song Buraans is a depiction of happiness, peace and harmony. The song skillfully captures the beauty of Uttarakhand and its people, while its lyrics are beautiful, creative and full of life; the song radiates joy, love, happiness and peace.

Born in the city of Dehradun, the capital of the Indian state of Uttarakhand, Rashi Sain always had a beautiful dream of being recognized as a singer with her captivating songs and mesmerizing voice. She always wanted to do something for Uttarakhand and make its people proud; and with this song, she has done it. But that’s not enough for her, she has just started her journey and will go on to sing more songs, eventually becoming one of the best singers of India.

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