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Champion For Change: How J. Autrey Beauty Is Broadening The Conversation Of Inclusivity Within The Beauty Industry

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Champion For Change: How J. Autrey Beauty Is Broadening The Conversation Of Inclusivity Within The Beauty Industry

April 01
19:27 2021

J. Autrey Beauty is Setting New Industry Standards to Include LGBTQIA+, Minority, and Disabled Communities 

The beauty industry has notoriously been a one-sided conversation; and it has been since the beginning. Following suit of what is deemed “beautiful” has overwhelmed consumers to buy certain products, look a certain way, fit a certain mold. While this has certainly benefitted large corporations, this model has alienated entire communities in what is traditionally seen as beauty. One makeup artist out of Grand Rapids Michigan is on a mission to display what true diversity looks like. 

Juan Autrey, founder of J. Autrey Beauty sought to create a brand of inclusion that expands beyond marketing tactics and publicity stunts. While many brands claim their products are designed for all communities, the truth is quite the opposite. J. Autrey Beauty is a cruelty-free beauty brand designed to empower all communities, including the underrepresented LGBTQIA+, minority, and disabled communities. 

While many brands talk the talk, J. Autrey Beauty walks the walk. Founded on the idea that individuals can be whomever they want and define beauty on their own terms, J. Autrey Beauty seeks to celebrate diversity while encouraging everyone to embrace their true self through high-quality cosmetics. 

The line includes luscious lip products that include both neutral shades and vibrant colors to offer a wide array of options for customers to express themselves. By embracing diversity to champion change, J. Autrey Beauty is single-handedly creating a purpose-led social movement that shines a spotlight on underrepresented communities while encouraging authenticity and individuality. 

“I dreamt up the idea of creating my own beauty brand when I did not see the inclusivity and representation that I desired. So, I decided to create it myself. Everyone deserves to have representation. Without it, there is someone left seeking validation.” – Juan Autrey, Founder & CEO

Cultivation of proof of concept, dedication to the craft, and unwavering commitment to changing the way we define beauty; Juan Autrey’s purpose-driven vision has come to fruition with J. Autrey Beauty.

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About J. Autrey Beauty

J. Autrey Beauty is a purpose-driven cosmetics company based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Founded in 2020 by makeup artist Juan Autrey, J. Autrey Beauty seeks to empower every one of any race, religion, color, creed, gender, and ability to demonstrate diversity at its core. Breaking free of industry standards, J. Autrey Beauty leads with the purpose to create an open environment for self-expression through beauty. Featuring an exclusive line of various lip products designed to amplify the lips, the J. Autrey Beauty line allows consumers to define beauty on their terms. Whether it be luxurious neutrals or bold, exhilarating colors, J. Autrey Beauty gives customers tools and support to celebrate every expression of individuality.





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