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Auto Parts Manufacturer – How To Choose Front Lights?

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Auto Parts Manufacturer – How To Choose Front Lights?

April 06
09:18 2021

Vehicle lights refer to lamps on vehicles. They are a tool for vehicles to illuminate the road at night, as well as a tool for prompting various vehicle driving signals. Vehicle lights are generally divided into headlights, taillights, turn signals, etc. What styles of headlamps are mainly shared today?

Car headlights–Halogen headlights

Halogen lamps are actually a special kind of incandescent lamps. The principle is that when a current flows through the resistor, it will generate heat, and when the temperature is high enough, it emits black body radiation with a wavelength in the visible light band. There are generally two types of halogen lamps: iodine tungsten lamps and bromine tungsten lamps. The principle is the same. When the incandescent lamp is lit, although the filament temperature does not exceed the melting point and boiling point of tungsten, a small amount of tungsten will still volatilize at high temperature. When the volatilized tungsten atoms encounter a cooler bulb shell, they will condense and precipitate, and over time a black tungsten film will accumulate on the bulb shell. This is why the outer shell of ordinary incandescent lamps becomes black after a long time. If you fill the bulb with some iodine, when the bulb is lit, the iodine will volatilize into a gas. When the iodine vapor meets the colder tungsten, it will react with it to form a compound with a low boiling point-tungsten iodide, which makes the bulb shell The precipitated tungsten volatilizes. Tungsten iodide gas will decompose when exposed to high temperatures. When tungsten iodide gas meets the filament, it decomposes, leaving tungsten on the filament, while iodine continues to move between the filament and the shell in the form of gas. When it comes to the bulb shell again, it will contact the shell again. The tungsten reaction… In this way, on the one hand, the filament keeps volatilizing tungsten to the bulb shell, and on the other hand, iodine keeps moving the tungsten back to the filament, so that the rate of volatilization and consumption of the filament is greatly reduced, and the life of the bulb is prolonged. Thus, iodine tungsten lamps can be used to make incandescent lamps with high power. Halogen lamps have been widely used in the field of automotive lighting.

Car headlights–Xenon lights

Xenon lamp HID is the abbreviation of High intensity Discharge high pressure gas discharge lamp, which can be called heavy metal lamp or xenon lamp. Its principle is to fill the UV-cut anti-ultraviolet crystal quartz glass tube with a variety of chemical gases, most of which are inert gases such as xenon (Xenon) and iodide, and then pass the ballast to the car. The 12-volt DC voltage is instantly pressurized to a current of 23,000 volts, and the xenon electrons in the quartz tube are excited to dissociate through the high-voltage amplitude, and a light source is generated between the two electrodes. This is the so-called gas discharge. The white super-strong arc light produced by xenon gas can increase the color temperature of the light, similar to the sun’s rays in daylight, the current required for HID operation is only 3.5A, the brightness is three times that of traditional halogen bulbs, and the service life is longer than traditional The halogen bulb is 10 times longer. Xenon lamps have been widely used in the field of automotive lighting.

Car headlights–Fog lights

It is installed at the front of the car slightly lower than the headlight, and used to illuminate the road when driving in rainy and foggy weather. Because of the low visibility in fog, the driver’s vision is restricted. The light can increase the running distance, especially the yellow anti-fog lamp has strong light penetration, it can improve the visibility of the driver and the surrounding traffic participants, so that the oncoming cars and pedestrians can find each other at a longer distance.

If the fog lamp suddenly goes out, you need to see if it is caused by the poor contact of the corresponding part. If the control module plug is corroded, water and other virtual connection factors, it will cause the above phenomenon in bumpy road conditions.

Car headlights–LED lights

Light Emitting Diode, abbreviated as LED, the Chinese name is light-emitting diode. LED light strip refers to the assembly of LEDs on a strip-shaped FPC (flexible circuit board) or PCB rigid board, which is named after its product shape is like a strip.

Car headlights–Daytime running lights

The daytime running lights should be turned on automatically after the vehicle engine is started. After dark, the driver needs to manually turn on the conventional lights, and the daytime running lights will automatically turn off. Daytime running lights make it easier for other “road users” to see the car, and consume less energy than current low beam headlights. Daytime running lights are only equipped on a few good cars and become a symbol of good cars.

The car led daytime running lights installed on the front of the car body are lamps that make the vehicle more easily recognized when driving during the day. Its function is not to enable the driver to see the road clearly, but to let others know that a car is coming. Therefore, this kind of lamp is not a lighting lamp, but a signal lamp. Of course, the addition of car daytime running lights can make the car look cooler and more dazzling, but the greatest effect of led daytime running lights is not in aesthetics, but in providing recognizable vehicles. Turning on the headlights while driving abroad can reduce vehicle accidents by 12.4%, and at the same time reduce the probability of death in car accidents by 26.4%. In short, the purpose of daytime running lights is for traffic safety.

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