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Jeenha Huh – Paying It Forward With the Launch of Red Sentinel Ventures, Inc.

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Jeenha Huh – Paying It Forward With the Launch of Red Sentinel Ventures, Inc.

April 21
13:55 2021

There’s not a lot Jeenha Huh, founder and CEO of Red Sentinel Ventures, Inc., can’t do. A single mother of two girls living in Los Angeles, Huh had a mission – raise her girls to be strong, independent, and fearless in a big world that wouldn’t be kind to them.

Making her way into that brutal world is something Huh has mastered. But it wasn’t easy. While she was learning her lessons and taking her knocks, her girls were watching. And they saw her rise every single time. 

Building her dream

Her company, Red Sentinel Ventures, Inc., was a long time in the making and is finally in the final stages, preparing for its launch. Huh explains that Red Sentinel Ventures, Inc. is a parent company for its joint-venture and subsidiary companies. “Our mission is to strive in certain industries with a profound expertise and strategic plan,” says Huh.

Huh started her professional life as a young single mother and went into the world of real estate and finance. She worked in this realm for over 12 years until the crash in 2008. Like many others in finance, the stock market crash was both a curse and a blessing in disguise. Huh says losing the security of her 9 to 5 forced her to find her passion. 

Bringing back American industry and creating jobs

With the launch of Red Sentinel Ventures, Inc., Huh says she’s focusing on business collaborations, and her ultimate goal is to grow American industry. “We will be collaborating with companies that are struggling and rebuilding and bringing back big manufacturing companies into the US,” explains Huh. The revitalization of American manufacturing is a colossal platform for creating jobs – Huh’s number one priority.

Being out of work and struggling at one point herself, Huh says she hated how that status made her feel. As a female minority, she says she had many barriers to break, and she knows there are many people out there just like her who need a chance. Huh says the support of her loved ones and her faith got her through the hard times, but she worries about people who may not have that support system. Therefore, her goal is to create jobs that became careers and give people better opportunities to follow their dreams.

In summary

Huh is eagerly awaiting the launch of her company, Red Sentinel Ventures, Inc., in just a few months. With this venture, Huh sees a way to delve even deeper into the industry she believes in and loves.

Using her own experiences as an unemployed minority breadwinner providing for two girls, Huh knows she can make a difference. In these ways, you can definitely conclude that Jennha Huh is the ultimate example of how paying it forward is the right thing to do.

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