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Introduction to some flexible roller conveyors: Main Function and Features

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Introduction to some flexible roller conveyors: Main Function and Features

May 07
13:58 2021

Flexible roller conveyors are exceptional for truck loading and unloading, retail stores, shipping areas, load docks, and plant floors; portable costly conveyors allow you to quickly build temporary conveyor lines where you need them.

These types of conveyors make efficient use of movement, expansion, and connection to significantly reduce the space required on the floor. Let me introduce you to some flexible roller conveyors:

Stainless Steel Motorized Flexible Roller Conveyor

This is applicable for conveying packaged products in boxes/bags or on trays/ containers (for bulk cargo, small, or irregularly shaped products). This unit is suitable for large weight or high impact loads of products.

Main Function and Features:

  • Simple structure: Stable messaging with features like simple maintenance, economical and energy-saving
  • Considerable capacity, fast speed, and smooth operation to share the general delivery convenience for a wide variety of products.
  • Conveyor length is adjustable per production space.
  • Easy disassembly, uncomplicated maintenance, and well-situated for cleaning.

Flexible Carrier Roller Conveyor Belt System Expandable Stretch Gravity Type

This is a Flexible and scalable structured roller conveyor that has an adjustable height. Besides, this is a portable machine. So, people can easily move it from one place to other.

Gravity conveyor is the most common means of transporting cans, packages, and pallets across the warehouse, shipping, and assembly lines. Gravity conveyors are often used in picking and assembly operations where the product is pushed by hand from one place to the next required. The gravity conveyor is useful in both temporary and permanent applications.

Main Function and Features:

  • For transport of various types of bags, pallets, and other items, bulk materials, small items or irregular items should be placed on a pallet or a swing box for transport.
  • It is easy to connect and transit between lines. A complex logistic convention system may be composed of multiple flyer conveyance lines, drum lines, and other convention equipment or special units.
  • Flexible and robust, it can be applied to many complex locations to facilitate the transportation of goods.
  • High reliability, simple structure, easy to use and keep up.

Flexible Roller Conveyor

Flexible Roller conveyors have high reliability, uncomplicated structure, and convenient use and protection. This roller conveyor is suitable for combining items with a flat bottom, composed primarily of driving drums, a frame, brackets, driving parts, and the like. It has the ability to realize large transport volume, high speed, light operation, and transmission of multiple lines at the same time.

Main Function and Features:

  • Roller High-quality galvanized roller.
  • Height can be adjusted, adjustable height range is 700 ~ 1000mm.
  • Transport through height breaks between two legs.
  • Castor Universal castor is used; the machine can be easily removed.
  • This item can be expandable, retractable, and flexible; it can take a flexible curve even in zigzag narrow isles.
  • The double-row roller has gaps, so only cartons; boxes like flat bottom items can be reported.
  • Maximum load capacity 40 kg / m; the motor brand is SWE.

Flexible Drum Motor Roller, Aluminum Conveyor Roller

Drum motor roller is a self-propelled roller made by setting the metal gearbox, mini motor, and other electrical components in a high-speed manner. For drum motor rollers some can be cooled by themselves, and others will be cooled by the oil inside the roller. For different situations, roller material and surface can be made through different treatments:

Main Function and Features:

  • Galvanized surface
  • Rubber or PU coated
  • Surface knurling or sandblasting
  • very safe, convenient, beautiful-looking, and reliable to use a motor roller instead of using ordinary heavy motors and reducers

Flexible Lifting Roller Telescopic Belt Conveyor

A flexible lifting roller belt conveyor is a type of friction drive machine that transports continuously. It is mainly made of racks, conveyor belts, idlers, rollers, motors, couplings, and gears. It can be used alone or packaged with other conveying equipment in horizontal or risky handling systems.

Main Function and Features:

  • Flexible connection to the driving unit
  • The driving unit is connected by motor, fluid pair, backstop, and reducer orderable; the reducer is connected to the driving drum by coupling.
  • Excellent performance benefits
  • The drum is equipped with an external cleanser
  • The outer belt of the drum is provided with cleaner for cleaning after unloading the adhered material remains on the work surface.
  • Belts with different performance are optional
  • Heat-resistant, acid, and alkali-resistant, corrosion-resistant, oil-resistant belts are for your choice.
  • Different belt widths and conveyor angles can meet your needs
  • Conveyor belt width 500 ~ 2000mm, conductor ranges from maximum
  • Wide application area

It is a durable and reliable machine that is widely applied in grain, salt, ore, sand, and coal, mineral, chemical, power plant, metallurgy, stop, etc.

WFCA Flexible Conveyor with Polyamide Rollers

This polyamide roller conveyor allows the transport of objects of different sizes from the fixed installation to a mobile point of arrival. Its flexibility allows it to be adapted to many configurations.

Main Function and Features:

  • Capacity 70 kg / unit
  • Polyamide rollers Ø 48.5 mm fitted with ball bearings
  • Steel frame
  • Connection piece with stopper
  • Height adjustable feet from 800 to 1000 mm

Uni-Flex Harmonica Roller Conveyors

Uni-Flex Harmonica Roller Conveyors are designed for loading or unloading containers or trucks. This roller conveyor is also suitable for transshipment or transport between two machines. The Uni-Flex-driven flexible roller conveyor can be extended to the required length.

Main Function and Features:

  • A load capacity of 150 kg per linear meter
  • The rollers are galvanized and have a diameter of 40 mm
  • Large swivel castors of 160 mm
  • Variable speed adjustable from 0 to 40 m / min via a frequency controller
  • 220 Volt connection
  • A safer working environment for staff
  • Faster delivery and pick-up of goods
  • Less damage to goods and equipment through a controlled loading and unloading process

Final Verdict

This roller conveyor is able to convey heavy-weight materials or handle large impact loads. In this article, we have discussed some of the well-known and brand new conveyors. This article might help you to have a clear knowledge about the best roller conveyors and their functions. 

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