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Raysync Solves Large File Transfer Challenges by High-speed Transfer Protocol

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Raysync Solves Large File Transfer Challenges by High-speed Transfer Protocol

June 18
23:45 2021

Today, businesses across industries are facing greater challenges moving large files and massive sets of data quickly and reliably between global sites and teams. The traditional file transfer protocols such as FTP have exhibited significant shortcomings in their ability to transfer data at the speed and scale required by today’s common business practices. Relied on the patented file transfer protocol, Raysync stands out as one of the better alternative solutions to help organizations address these common challenges that send large amounts of data great distances quickly and efficiently.

About Raysync

Raysync is a software-based large file transfer solutions provider. Based on the self-developed high-speed transfer protocol, Raysync breaks through the transfer defects of traditional FTP and HTTP, the transfer rate is increased by 100 times compared with FTP, and the bandwidth utilization rate is over 96%, which can easily meet the extremely fast transfer requirements of TB-level large files and massive small files.

What makes Raysync stands out?

Raysync’s high-speed transfer protocol is a core transfer technology developed by Shenzhen Yunyu Technology Co., Ltd. based on the UDP transfer protocol. This breakthrough technology does not simply optimize or accelerate data transfer but it takes a leap forward in the transfer technology to completely eliminate the underlying bottleneck while overcoming the limitations of traditional network and hardware. Raysync is able to fully make use of network bandwidth thus provides an ultra-low latency, high speed and end-to-end output service. The transmission rate can be increased by nearly 100 times, achieving over 96% of bandwidth utilization rate while easily adhering to the security, controllability and stability requirements for TB-level large files and massive small files transfer.

The TCP transfer protocol does provide a reliable data transfer under ideal conditions, but with its fixed throughput bottleneck, a prominent and serious condition would occur due to high packet loss and latency caused by a long-distance network transfer.

Raysync guarantees reliability in the application layer with an innovative method that eliminates drawbacks such as low efficiency in TCP, packet loss, processing errors and unstable transfer rate. To ensure 100% reliability, Raysync adopts the best mechanism that accurately identifies and passes on the actual packet loss condition on the transfer channel.

The FTP transfer protocol has been used for more than 40 years, but it is also a fact that the efficiency of FTP file transfer has been far less than the growth rate of data in the face of today’s complex file exchange requirements. FTP is even worse in the file management tasks that enterprises urgently need today.

In order to transfer files while maintaining security through FTP, this requires complex scripts, continuous maintenance, and even other applications to assist. All of which may cause time and money losses to enterprises by varying degrees.

Basing upon UDP’s high-speed transfer protocol, Raysync breaks through the bottleneck of large file transfer which satisfy enterprises’ needs by building an intelligent transfer platform that processes and integrates massive data at an unprecedented speed.

Fast, Secure and Reliable Large File Transfer System

With its high-speed transfer protocol, Raysync provides all-around support for enterprises in large file interactions and cross-platform cooperation, achieving standardization within and between enterprises.

Raysync’s intelligent data compression and intermittent transfer technology can also effectively reduce the network load, providing breakpoint resume and data verification to ensure stable and reliable data transmission. The intelligent management system is able to meet the business requirements of enterprises such as data interaction, sync and backup. Raysync makes sure to quickly integrate itself into existing OA, ERP and other enterprise systems, thus effectively reducing R&D costs to achieve data file linkage between business systems and operating system platforms, avoiding data islands.

While Raysync has been continuously improving its file transfer acceleration technology, it also embraces the objectives of solving enterprise file transfer management into its scope of service to a full extent, building a smart file transfer system:

• Data Synchronization

Supports two-way file synchronization that maintains the consistency of data across multiple devices, ensuring no redundant fragmented files are produced and multi-point data sync are efficient;

• Point-to-point Transfer

Adopts user ID to achieve point-to-point transfer, eliminating intermediate transfer for rapid file-sharing.

• Standard Bank-Level Encryption Technology

With the AES-256+SSL+Random salt high-density encryption algorithm, even the developers are unable to recover the root password through the stored ciphertext, making sure the data security is worry-free.

• User-defined Management

User-defined management perfectly plots out the organizational structure, supporting group management by defining regions, departments, and role-based permissions that set authority to standardize enterprise users’ operation.

• Intelligence Nodes Management

With intelligence nodes management equipped, it supports unified management of all node machines in both the internal and external network environment to monitor and collect all operation logs and data synchronously.

• Hybrid Cloud Storage

Raysync supports more than 10 mainstream storage methods including hybrid storage effectively to assist enterprises to store, backup, migrate and synchronize their files in an orderly manner.

Pricing Plan

Raysync includes the free trial, pay-as-you-go, SMB, and Enterprise plans which designed for businesses’ flexible and various needs.

Free Trial

 No cost or obligation on your part
 Full and free access to Raysync with 100GB
 Fully working version of the latest software version

Pay as you go

Preferred package for companies’ flexible needs. Pay as you go allows you to purchase the download traffic flexibly according to your actual needs.


Affordable package for small to mid-sized businesses that will cost only $599. Raysync SMB allows you to significantly reduce file transfer times and manage data via a simple to use and familiar user interface.


For larger businesses operating at scale with complex large file transfer and team collaboration needs. Advanced features include point to point transfer, file synchronization, object cloud storage, and group space sharing for team work.

If you have any questions, please contact our support team via [email protected] for any additional questions. They would love to hear from you!

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