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International Friendship Day Through the Eyes of ButterTree

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International Friendship Day Through the Eyes of ButterTree

July 24
00:00 2021
How Gift Blankets Are Helping People Connect.

July 23, 2021 – This International Friendship Day, ButterTree blankets are helping people stay close – even when they are miles apart.

Athena Lang, one of the founders of ButterTree, explains it was a close friend’s battle with cancer that inspired the business. “We didn’t want it to be too late for [them] to know how we truly felt,” she says, “so we put those feelings into words, on those words on the softest material we could possibly find.” Athena’s hope was that a blanket could provide the comfort of a warm hug.

Through testimonials from their customers over the years, ButterTree has learned a lot about what keeps people close. They assert that the importance of actually setting aside time for phone conversations and video calls cannot be overstated. When life gets hectic, it’s easy to let months, even years, go by. They suggest putting it in a calendar, a monthly or even weekly call to an old friend from high school or to a grandmother. “Get cozy,” Athena says. “Pour a glass of wine or make a cup of tea, and cuddle up in a favorite blanket to check in on how loved ones are feeling emotionally.”

Handwritten letters can be hugely impactful as well. It may seem obsolete in the age of technology, but taking the time to sit down and write a letter will not only bring the receiver joy, but the sender as well. ButterTree suggests writing about favorite memories. That way, time spent together can bring happiness even after the fact.

Lastly, commemorating random moments is an important way people stay close. “Don’t just wait for the holidays to send them a little something special in the mail,” Athena says. Nowadays, buying gifts online may seem very impersonal, but it doesn’t have to be. The trick, she says, is to find a unique gift that means something special. It could be an inside joke, a first photograph together, or even a gift like our blanket that says all the right words.

In the end, ButterTree believes that time spent together is the greatest gift, but that a cozy blanket with heartfelt words can be a close second.

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