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MIRAT ITSM Solution Has Knowledge Management As One Of Its Encores

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MIRAT ITSM Solution Has Knowledge Management As One Of Its Encores

December 01
19:16 2021
MIRAT ITSM Solution Has Knowledge Management As One Of Its Encores
Knowledge Management | MIRAT.AI
We Learned One Thing In 2021 About It Service Management: Knowledge Management Must Be Anything More Than A Handful Of “how To Reset Your Password” Articles To Keep Your It Workers From Getting Swamped With Tickets.

With close to 85% annual retention rates, MIRAT has been a revolutionary ITSM product, which has helped boost our valuable clients’ IT infrastructure management. The on-premises product also has a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 81 and is one of the top-rated products on several comparison portals.

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What is the importance of knowledge management?

Information technology (IT) knowledge management is the technique of acquiring information, documenting it, and making it available to those who require it (basically, everyone who works at the organization who has come across an IT problem). Knowledge management enables employees who are not part of the IT division to gain access to guidance and recommendations that may be useful in resolving difficulties. And when they are able to access this information on their own, it helps save time and money for the entire firm.

What are the activities involved in knowledge management?

And, one thing we are well aware of is that automation provides the opportunity to expedite requests by eliminating the need for a technician to be called on every single opportunity an event occurs.

Key performance indicators for knowledge management

As we’ve discussed, artificial intelligence and automated mechanisms are transformative technologies that can help your service desk take your depth of knowledge to the next level of effectiveness. While you may not be able to scale out to the extent that you require (or desire) right now, automating service requests from all departments within an organization is a dream that may be realized with the correct IT service software suite.

Using the service desk capabilities that are now accessible, users will have an easier time accessing the information they are looking for. This eliminates the need for a technician to monitor requests that come in via email on a daily basis, and it also ensures that your staff can locate the answers on their own time. And it isn’t simply confined to information technology.

You can propose alternatives to users through IT service management (ITSM) processes before they even have to go through the hassle of submitting a ticket to the IT service desk

as you continue to enrich the knowledge and understanding with fresh articles and resources. Users are more engaged to your base of knowledge than they have ever been before because of contemporary search functions and intelligent technology.

ITIL service knowledge management system isn’t just an added requirement, it is the need.

Suppose automation and artificial intelligence aren’t immediately on your list of priorities for service management success. In that case, there seem to be two strategies for growing your knowledge data so that it’s ready to be used for knowledge management automation in the future.

ITSM framework: It is better to give than to receive.

The fact of the modern corporation is that everyone must collaborate in order to succeed. If you have many offices in multiple places, it can be more difficult to accomplish than it appears on the surface. However, this does not imply that you must provide all of the information you possess; instead, you can choose only the knowledge that other departments seek regularly.

Implementing knowledge management

Consider the following scenario: you require an application that requires several permissions. It’s possible to automate information management permissions depending on the procedure that is specified in the knowledge base, rather than relying on back-and-forth emailing. Also possible is the creation of automation that routes or prioritizes IT service desk requests based on the department and requesters from whom the requests come.

Knowledge management system in the organization 

As soon as you close a service desk ticket, it is recommended to start working on a knowledge article about it. That does not imply that an article is actually produced or modified right away, however. So develop an automated process that sends a request to the professional with an access point to the knowledge base, prompting them to take action and frequently encouraging them to update their articles until all of the tasks are finished. 

Accept knowledge management as part of your daily routine. 

Instead of telling a researcher to write up during their downtime, schedule it daily, monthly, or in other segments based on the company’s service desk staffing needs.

Develop a content production process that includes input from other departments within your organization if further support is required. It can be a terrific method to foster cross-departmental collaboration while also raising the overall quality of your entries and submissions.

A solid knowledge management services process will assist in resolving tickets and the fulfillment of requests with the least amount of intervention from the service desk. You may simply locate the methods to reset a password if, for example, someone has forgotten their password yet again, and you don’t need to call a professional. Allowing your users to seek solutions on their own, rather than waiting for someone from IT, will give them more control over their experience.

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