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Leading life coach and author L.M. Na inspires to rise up and move on despite failed relationships in new book

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Leading life coach and author L.M. Na inspires to rise up and move on despite failed relationships in new book

December 09
00:02 2021
“Unwired Love” by L.M. Na is a thriller doubled up as a self-help book that aims to help readers to come out of the bad memories of doomed relationships and start life anew.

Las Vegas, Nevada – December 08, 2021 – Not all love stories come to a happy ending, some can leave one devastated and utterly heart-broken. But, a failed relationship should not be the end of the world. In such moments of despair, one needs a tad more TLC and an extra nudge to keep the chin up and move on. In that light, professional life coach and author L.M. Na has recently launched a new book that aims to guide the readers to overcome the sorrow of failed relationships and look forward to a brighter tomorrow.

Titled “Unwired Love; A Gripping Story of Betrayal, Fear And Lies”, the book was launched on Amazon last month and is currently available in both Kindle and Paperback editions.

The book  revolves around the discussion that what would one do if Mr. Right turns to be Mr. Wrong. It entails a candid and honest story of a doomed relationship but most importantly, extends loads of advice, heartfelt experience, and wisdom to look past a broken relationship even when everything looks bleak- just the way the writer did.

In an exclusive interview, L. M. Na shared that  one of the biggest glitches that prevent people from coming out of a devastating heartbreak after a doomed relationship is inability or unwillingness to share the details of the worst moments. But, given her enormous experience as a professional life coach, she remarked that not opening up about bad memories does not help and can be extremely harmful for the mental health of the person who is suffering. Thus, through the book, the author offers a different kind of relationship advice. She urges the fellow women suffering from a heartbreak to open up about the wounds and most importantly, to learn from the past mistakes, keep going, and never to lose faith in love.  

“We all have had our hearts broken at some point or the other. It can feel extremely devastating when your perfect ‘Mr. Right’ turns out to be a toxic ‘Mr. Wrong’. But you cannot let that ugly past define your future in a negative way. Rather, you should be happy about the fact that such a bad person is finally out of your life. But, what is most important here is that you should utilize the experience to introspect and learn from the past mistakes so that you don’t repeat them again. This book is all about that”, stated the author while talking about “Unwired Love”. 

The author has shared the red flags and warning signs that one must be careful of while getting involved in a relationship to ensure the same mistakes don’t happen again. Her training and experience as a life coach enables her to better break down her experiences, the things one should pay more attention to, and the steps to follow to ensure a healthy relationship in future.

“I have written this book with the goal to comfort fellow heartbroken souls with the assurance that not all love stories have to end up in a disaster. One failed relationship doesn’t mean that you will never get a loving person and relationship in your life any more. You deserve all the love and happiness of being loved, and you will get that. This book will help to motivate you to look past the bad memories, move forward with an open mind and aim for a brighter and loving tomorrow.”

The author has also founded a community called where she encourages fellow women to anonymously share their stories to feel lighter.

“Unwired Love” has already received rave reviews from several happy readers:

“I would never thought I’d be hooked to a book that’s considered thriller non-fiction and also a self-help book.” – Ted Pine

“All the twists and turns in this book keeps you turning the page, couldn’t put the book down.” Nicole Bay.

Author Bio:

L.M. Na is a professional life coach who helps families put together the pieces after divorce or separation. After her own marriage crumbled, she quickly learned how devastating the effects can be on adults and children amidst a failing relationship. By helping other families cope, she wishes to guide others and keep them from making the same mistakes she made. Sharing her experiences allows others to not feel so alone in what they went through and offers a unique kind of encouragement and support she knows is needed after a break up. 

L.M. wants readers to know that moving forward with hope is possible. She reminds people of their worth and encourages them to remember as they navigate life’s uncertainties. Now happily remarried with more children and a lovely blended family, she’s excited to assist other families in their own quest for happiness. With her online community, she invites others to share their unwired love experiences anonymously. Join the fun at!

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