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Respondo Inc Launches FightingNetworkwork Metaverse Which Allows Users to Earn NFTs for Free

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Respondo Inc Launches FightingNetworkwork Metaverse Which Allows Users to Earn NFTs for Free

December 08
19:24 2021
Respondo Inc Launches FightingNetworkwork Metaverse Which Allows Users to Earn NFTs for Free
Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are an off-shoot of cryptocurrency and while many struggle to lay their hands on them, Respondo Inc has made it easy to earn NFTs via their newly developed gaming platform – FightingNetwork

US-based Tech Company Respondo Inc is thrilled to announce the launch of FightingNetwork, a virtual platform where people can earn NFTs by creating a virtual fighting club and collecting unique digital (NFT) card of real fighters. It is both a blockchain and fighting promotions simulator which allows users to buy digital twins of real MMA fighters as collectible digital NFT cards or get them for free when they play the game.

FightingNetwork started in July 2020 but because of the pandemic, the first fighting show on the platform which took place without a real-life audience with images from web cameras of online viewers projected on the walls. As the clamor for NFTs going to grow around the crypto space, FightingNetwork offers a unique and secured way of earning NFTs.

Speaking about the platform, Andrew Lazarev, CEO FightingNetwork had this to say, “FightingNetwork is a close intertwining of fighters from the real world and the virtual metaverse, which has created a synergy of such a force that has not yet existed before.”

FightingNetwork Metaverse carries out an NFT airdrop which are the game’s elements in the blockchain simulator of MMA promotions “FightingNet”. Players can get their first NFT for free after watching the livestream of the professional MMA tournament “FightingNetwork League 3”. To do that, they need to register on and book their tickets before December 11. Thirty participants of the tournament are the first fighters whose digital twins will become a part of the FightingNet Game and will be available to the players all over the world.

FightingNet Metaverse represents a combination of three rapidly growing multibillion-dollar markets which include video gaming, streaming, and MMA tournaments. These markets are unified using blockchain technologies and NFT.  An important feature of the FightingNet Metaverse is the Play-to-earn feature that allows users to become managers and create their virtual fight club by collecting NFTs of real fighters.

Users can own NFT fighters and organize a virtual tournament where the manager whose fighters won real life tournaments becomes the winner. The winning manager gets new unique cards and monetary prizes. The main concept of FightingNetwork is that a player can earn real money by participating in virtual tournaments, the results of which depend on real fighters’ success.

There are three ways to earn NFTs on FightingNetwork. Users either buy them, receive them from watching livestreams, or receive them for their team’s tournament victory. FightingNetwork Metaverse includes several courses of action at the intersection of real and virtual worlds. One of them is the international MMA conference “FightingNet Global” which is going to allow the organization of enough real life tournaments, so that the owners of NFT fighters could get results in virtual ones. Moreover, Metaverse uses its own streaming companies and a mobile app which makes the organization of the tournaments easier.

Improved access is at the core of FightingNet’s mission. CEO Andrew Lazarev said the company is working on its mobile app which would be called FightingNet – fighters’ social network. “The mobile app will be a virtual space where a fighter can find a real opponent, organize a fight and a livestream of this fight, and earn some money. So far, we have organized 14 amateur and 2 professional MMA tournaments and more than 300 fights,” he concluded.

Book an early access to the tournament livestream for December 11 and get an NFT fighter for watching the livestream. To watch the next FightingNet livestream and make real profit from real fighters’ success, please visit

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