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  • PublishedSeptember 15, 2022

Gideon Scovel is an accomplished Breeder with an established reputation working in the Horticultural Industry, with a PhD in Plant Genetics from The Hebrew University. However, that is not his only profession: he is also an author under the pen name G.G.R Scovel, a slight homage to one of the greatest authors in the fantasy genre, of which Gideon himself has already written and released 2 books, part of a trilogy called “Green Sands”. Both of the books are available as a Kindle E-book and a print copy via Amazon.

We at Contento Now have had the pleasure of accompanying Gideon on his never-ending publishing journey and are very excited about the upcoming 3rd book, the final one of the epic trilogy.

Netanel Semrik, international publisher and CEO at Contento Now for over 3 decades, is pleased to walk with Gideon also on his branding campaign and interview him in our E-tv studios. He challenged Scovel and asked him to pick the most monumental scenes of the second book, “Reseeding Civilization”, and after long deliberation, he has decided on the scene that became a one minute, stop-motion short film, just a taste of the wild adventures that are coming up. 

“We chose this scene where King Koko is taking a ride on his polyploid crow. It is not clear at first why he is going up but it gains clarity as we see him encounter a group of enemy dragons that he must scare away. It is a very symbolic scene” he said to us in his latest interview, “I came to the conclusion that if I am gifted in any way, it is my imagination and I have to use it. I have no choice. Once I put the pen to paper, I cannot stop”.

We spoke with Nethanel Semrik, about the experience of publishing together with Gideon, he stated that: “Gideon is a talented and meticulous person who  pays very close attention to details.It is evident that the subject is close to his heart and that he believes with complete faith that his stories can make a difference. This is a mindset that we are very happy to engage with here at Contento.”

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