Angelo Agovino Building Top-end Custom Houses in Westchester, New York

  • PublishedSeptember 16, 2022
Angelo Agovino is a leading construction contractor and home builder in Westchester, NY, and the owner of Agovino Construction.

To amateurs, building a house is a new experience, an opportunity to test their skill set, and more often than not, a challenge. Professionals build homes, not houses; buildings engineered to last multiple generations, and are the most valuable pieces of an enduring legacy. 

Angelo Agovino is one of the leading home builders in the New York area. He climbed the ladder of success through diligent work, a passion for his job, and over a decade of experience. Mr. Angelo relies on a vast network of experienced professionals, unrivaled leadership, and superb knowledge regarding the housing market. 

As the new leader of one of the longest-standing construction domestic enterprises in Westchester, NY, Angelo Agovino sits at the helm of his father’s company and is committed to continuing his great work. He brought a fresh perspective to the table while focusing on maintaining the premium quality of service Agovino Construction is widely known for. 

Mr. Agovino leaves no stone unturned when searching the market for the finest construction materials and home builders available. Because Agovino Construction specializes in creating custom Westchester homes, special and exquisite materials, gear, and technologies are often required to get the job done properly. 

Agovino Construction has already built dozens of New York’s most gorgeous homes and has a reputation for being among the most dependable and efficient home-building organizations in the region. 

After stepping into his father’s shoes and position, Mr. Angelo Agovino continues to prove that Agovino Construction is more than a household name. It is a premier company bent on innovating Westchester’s landscape with unique home designs. 

Mr. Agovino stated that his company builds approximately 5 to 10 houses each year in Westchester. While prolific, the company is primarily focused on providing exemplary service and values quality work above everything else. 

Agovino construction prides itself not only on the best American homes at the most prestigious locations but also on highly approachable prices. Mr. Angelo is on a mission to make the American housing market a better place for both home builders and homeowners. 

By leveraging his abundance of experience and the efficiency of New York’s most talented home builders, Angelo Agovino strives to raise the bar of quality for all American homeowners. He imparted that his work is done only when his clients are completely satisfied. By his definition, a custom home is a house that fits the client’s vision in its entirety – both aesthetically and in terms of structural integrity. 

Agovino Construction continues to dominate the market with premium services and is enriching New York’s landscape with lasting works of art. Mr. Angelo Agovino is committed to prolonging his family legacy and helping his clients get the home of their dreams that they deserve. 

More information about Agovino Construction and Mr. Angelo Agovino is available on his official Facebook profile.

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