NodeReal Gets Ahead of the Web3 Competition with Groundbreaking Benchmark Scores in Three Key Metrics

  • PublishedSeptember 17, 2022

NodeReal, the world’s leading blockchain infrastructure and services provider, has cemented its position as a global leader in provisioning fast, scalable, and stable node services with the release of its latest performance benchmark results.

Providing precise performance numbers for blockchain API solutions is never straightforward. Hence, to demonstrate the blistering performance of its infrastructure services, NodeReal introduced a comprehensive Performance Testing framework to evaluate the performance, stability and scalability of NodeReal solutions.

According to Jimmy Zhao, Senior Tech Evangelist from NodeReal, “Our testing framework allows us to simulate the most critical factors to evaluate and test the demands of high-performance Web3 apps when they interact with the blockchain. The results show that NodeReal provides faster, more stable and scalable access to blockchains than any other company in this space. We want to ease the burden of backend technicalities of integrating to blockchains, whilst ensuring partners and customers achieve uncompromising user experience.”

Based on these self-conducted benchmark test results, NodeReal proved its mettle as the best-performing blockchain API provider against all other industry players.

Performance Testing Methodologies: The Three Metrics That Matter

As they embrace blockchain and Web3, organisations must take a closer look at the performance, stability and scalability of the underlying technology.

Partnering with the right blockchain infrastructure and service provider that can satisfy these primary parameters can mean the difference between the success and failure of any Web3 journey.

Thus, to evaluate the performance of the API services, three major metrics were covered:

–  SLA: The importance of always having the service available and online.
–  Stability: The quality of the service should be very high, with responsiveness time stable and deterministic at all times.
–  Scalability: Even at peak periods with very high usage, the service should be stable and performance unchanged.

Based on these criteria, NodeReal introduced the following key metrics:

Plans with similar configurations were chosen to provide a fair comparison between solutions available in the market:

NodeReal Delivers Unrivalled Scalability at Blistering Speed

Remote Procedure Calls (RPCs) are essential tools that enable blockchain developers to build decentralised apps and projects. Fast RPCs enable better communication and seamless flow of information within blockchains.

In an Archive RPC Load Test conducted – where simulated loads are sent among 7 different types of RPC modules – NodeReal recorded an average response time of 31.14 ms. A 5930.33 ms average response time was also recorded when tested against Debug API modules. In comparison, other solutions in the market recorded much slower response times, or did not support the modules.

Thus, from a functional perspective, NodeReal offers the largest support and the fastest response times across all RPCs.

Stability to Ensure a Positive User Experience on Web3

In a decentralised environment, maintaining a quality of service and responsiveness to users can only be achieved with a high level of reliability and performance of the API services within the blockchain. Otherwise, poor stability levels, or inconsistent and slow response time towards queries could result in an overall negative user experience.

When the daily RPC response times are analysed (using AWS lambda bot collecting Eth call samples per minute), NodeReal once again provides the fastest and most stable samples compared to similar solutions in the market today.

Meeting SLAs: Availability and Reliability of Service is Part of NodeReal’s DNA

Typically, blockchain service providers must overcome the inherent latency to commit to assured uptime service levels. Therefore, to ensure a high level of performance, uptime and availability, it’s important for Web3 developers to partner with a blockchain service infrastructure and services provider that can meet stringent SLA requirements.

In this regard, NodeReal also delivered, with Block Sync Sampling figures that prove it is indeed one of the fastest and most stable providers in the business.

These results came in time for NodeReal’s 1st Anniversary and to celebrate, NodeReal has some exciting “birthday” promo offers

We have several special offers to help get you started, including free months of usage on certain plans.

Jimmy from NodeReal said, “We’re delighted to have reached this important milestone in the company’s history, and would like to continue to support our customers in their journey to “Make Your Web3 Real” with this fantastic anniversary promotion.”

The mission continues and more can be expected in the coming year with NodeReal stepping up efforts to make Web3 accessible to more developers and users as the technology becomes increasingly mainstream.

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