Lee’s book, Discovering the Family I Never Knew, puts focus on how events in his family significantly impacted his life

  • PublishedSeptember 17, 2022
This book by Lee Brand tells readers how his life changed after learning the truth about his family.

As a parable illustrating the significance and profound bond between generations in a family, Lee Brand’s Discovering the Family I Never Knew is a work of fiction that reflects on the importance of family bonds. Bonds are strengthened through love, friendship, arguments, and fights. There is no denying that your family is the most important asset in your life.

It is not unusual for people to encounter complex challenges. People face many different types of problems when they live in a family. But the earlier they acknowledge that there is no such thing as a “perfect ending,” the better people will be able to handle such situations. Nothing in life comes easy.

There is a strong connection between families. In some cases, the actions of one member can affect the lives of other family members. Family bonds get passed down from generation to generation. As reflected in this engrossing story, ancestral bonds play an important role in affecting relationships and the characters’ lives. Throughout the narrative, we gain a deeper understanding of the relationships among family members and the stories that families preserve over time and then retell for generations.

“Most of the time. Your grandpa worked hard to provide for us, and your grandma would also try to get part-time jobs to help out.” – Lee Brand, “Discovering the Family I Never Knew.”

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About the Author

A former mayor of Fresno, California, Lee Brand, is the author of this immersive book. His hometown, Dalles, Oregon, where he has spent most of his life in Fresno, is also described in great detail in the literary offering. In addition to having four children and four grandchildren, he has a great-grandchild too. He currently lives with his wife, Trish. His business experience spans more than 35 years. The University of Southern California awarded him an M.P.A. degree after he completed his undergraduate and graduate studies at Fresno City College and Fresno State University.

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