Korea’s eco-friendly marine technology of Woohyun Ship Design

  • PublishedNovember 15, 2022

Woohyun Ship Design Technology in Korea has presented eco-friendly ship development technology using HDPE and an oil recovery system, garnering much attention.

A marine oil spill is becoming a big issue worldwide. In 2007, due to Taean Oil Spill in Korea, many fishermen and local people in the area faced great damage. 

According to the data from the Korea Maritime Safety Tribunal of the Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries, a total of 2,392 domestic marine accidents happened in 2018. There is a high risk of environmental pollution caused by oil and chemical spills in case of the accident of large ships, including oil tankers and chemical tankers, which has been steadily increasing since last 2014.

The oil recovery device developed by ‘Woohyun Ship Design Technology’ is the equipment that promptly collects, separates, and recovers the spilled oil in the ocean to prevent astronomical damage caused by marine accidents. 

The equipment effectively prevents marine pollution with an immediate and active initial response in case of an oil spill accident. It can be operated in all marine facilities and ships. The equipment can also be installed and operated even in bad weather. 

The Woohyun Ship Design Technology is currently working on eco-friendly ship development using HDPE for the advancement of eco-friendly marine technology.

HDPE is a chain-like high molecular compound formed by the synthesis of ethylene. It has high rigidity due to a high degree of crystallinity and is an impact-resistant material.

An official from Woohyun Ship Design Technology stated they are targeting man-hour-saving process technology and digital quality management with the commercialization of HDPE ship technology. Furthermore, they will continue to conduct research for the development of various eco-friendly marine technologies.

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