3 Signs That Spinning Mill Needs A New Sliver Can

November 17 12:58 2022

A spinning mill has to process different types of sliver to produce a variety of yarn, like Carded Yarn, Comber Yarn, or Man-Made Fibres. Production of each type of yarn requires handling of sliver with different properties. Facing this challenge, Yatai Plastics managed to develop HDPE sliver can that works well for all types of sliver handling and comes in many colors and thicknesses. HDPE SHEET can also be supplied in stand alone applications not related to rubber fenders, for sliding surfaces that do not require any energy absorption.

In fact, some indicators can tell you that your spinning mill needs an advanced spinning can, and here three major signs will be introduced to you.

1. Productivity is low

With increasing demand levels in the textile industry, you cannot accept poor productivity levels at your spinning mill. But if the mill performance still cannot improve although you have made the best efforts, you should find advanced HDPE cans that can greatly increase the productivity. Manufactured with the help of the latest technology, HDPE sliver cans of different diameters can ensure superior performance and durability, and meet the varying needs of yarn manufacturers.

2. The sliver can is incompatible with the machine at your spinning mill

You should be careful and check the technical specifications of the spinning can when choosing a sliver spinning can for your spinning mill, otherwise you will find that the spinning can does not fit your spinning mill. Therefore, you must make sure that the sliver cans and accessories are indeed compatible with the machine at your spinning mill, which can boost the quality and the production speed of yarns through improvements in operational efficiency.

3. Lack of information on the quality of the sliver can

Poor-quality sliver cans can hamper yarn quality and lead to other operational difficulties, so you’d better purchase sliver cans designed with top-class HDPE sheets from leading spinning can manufacturers through carefully checking the quality of the precision springs, caster wheels, top/bottom covers, and other accessories.

In case of any one of the above signs, you should replace the sliver can with a new and advanced one, and Yatai Plastics is your ideal choice because it implements the latest innovative technologies to design high-performance sliver cans, ensuring uniform material handling, standardizing all stages of yarn manufacturing, and promoting the performance of your spinning mill to the next level.

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