Artist Spotlight Halanna Capri: The chart-topping musician championing a holistic lifestyle through her platforms.

  • PublishedNovember 23, 2022
Acclaimed singer-songwriter, holistic life coach, and entrepreneur Halanna Capri is helping people live healthier lives through her coaching and healing music.

Halanna Capri is a renowned musician, songwriter, entrepreneur, and holistic life coach. She is the founder and CEO of CapriVibez LLC and the CapriVibez Wellness Spa, which champion holistic living. Through her music and entrepreneurial ventures, Halanna champions living a healthy, mindful life through Ayurveda, a holistic approach that combines diet, exercise, and lifestyle changes to achieve wellness.

As a holistic practitioner, Halanna illuminates the challenges faced by people in daily life and helps them work through them. Through her YouTube channel CapriVibez Channel, Halanna walks people through making healthier lifestyle changes that are beneficial to their overall life. 

Halanna was born and raised in Indianapolis and has pursued her music career from a very young age. As a child star, she nurtured her love for music and writing, becoming a well-known ghostwriter. She shares that her unique approach to life helps balance all aspects of her artistry without getting too caught up in one or the other.

For her music releases, Halanna also goes by her alter-ego ‘Vicky Valentine.’ She has released various extended plays and singles that mix healing sounds to help people who listen to her music relax and let go of their stressors. Her latest releases ‘Gone (2021),’ ‘Goddess Deluxe (2021),’ and ‘Life (2020)’ have further solidified her dedication to releasing music that empowers listeners to live their best lives. She has released various music projects, including a self-made music video for her song ‘Settle Down.’ Her music draws inspiration from everyday life, guiding people toward healing.

Halanna is looking to create a space where artists can create healing music for listeners, and listeners can learn to value their lives, even the challenging parts. When asked, Halanna shares that enhancing people’s lives is her main goal. Music, songwriting, and life coaching provide the perfect way for her to express herself, learn from others and help them along the way.

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