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November 30 21:06 2022

Drums are recognized as being among the oldest instruments in existence. They make an important part of music genres. Playing drums can be fun and exciting as well. However, when you are just getting started, you may find it difficult to master the beats. To make everything simpler, all you need is to find a drumbeat school or training institute for your courses. The best drum beat trainers will help make the learning process easier and smooth. Talking about the best basic drum beats training zone, icanplaydrum is the option to settle for. Icanplaydrum is one of the best training institutes for basic drum beats and even advanced drum beats.

As one of the best drums beats learning sites, icanplaydrum offers a 100% mini course “ 7 days to better beats” which will teach you the basic drum beats, ways to add fills and get started with your first song. They provide learners with backing tracks and teach them how to play. Icanplaydrum is one of the drum beat training zone that offers a simple guide on how to get started with drum beats. If you stick to it, you will be playing your music within no time. The free and simple beat lessons, the 7 free backing tracks, and ezybeats read for students are what have made icanplaydrums garner positive feedback and reviews.

As stated on their website, https://www.icanplaydrums.com/simple-drum-beat learning your first drum beat and being able to jam along to simple tunes is the best feeling for any starter. They are dedicated to helping beginners achieve their goals starting from easy drum beats for beginners to more complicated beats. Whatever music you like; you’ve probably tried out drums but you have realized that it’s not as easy as you thought. Indeed, the coordination of the snare drum and kick drum hihat parts is not that easy. Besides, how will you know what to play before all of that comes together? That’s exactly why icanplaydrums has put the “7 days to better beats” course together. This is after they have realized that there are many people out there who are passionate about playing drums but all they need is guidance.

As a beginner drummer, you are correct to think that playing drums is not easy. But through the help of icanplaydrums, you will find out that learning is not as hard as you think. With many teachers available to help you out, you do not have to worry about anything. The first thing that icanplaydrums help you with is finding the best course for you. Their drum beats course has been designed in a manner that you will easily learn without putting in too much effort. If you have been looking for a good place to learn basic drum beats for beginners icanplaydrums should be your first option.

With “7 days to better beats” offered by the drum beat learning site, you will not only learn about the beats but also get to learn how the beats can be played in real songs. For them, the end goal is students to know how to play beats even in actual songs. Apart from that, they will gladly teach you the fills that go with the beats for the sake of transitioning. They even give learners a play-along track minus drums that have been customized to learn a fun tune. You will have to learn 7 lessons and in each lesson, a new song is introduced. The songs are also learned at three separate speeds. 21 tracks will be sent to you at no cost.


If you are passionate about drums and learning drum beats, it is high time that you find the best place to study. For the record, icanplaydrums has been delivering the best lessons and best results. So far, it is among the most recommended drumbeat learning course provider. They are there to ensure that you are not only getting the best possible lessons but also reaching your goals. Icanplaydrums emphasizes learner satisfaction and has dedicated teachers to guide you through all steps of your learning.

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