The Law Offices of Robert B. Buchanan Is a Law Firm Dedicated to Helping Clients With Divorce Throughout the Chicago Area

December 07 14:06 2022
The Law Offices of Robert B. Buchanan is a notable law firm practicing Family Law in the Chicago, IL area. This firm is dedicated to helping its clients through trying times with discretion, sensitivity, and respect. Focusing on a variety of family law cases—from divorce or legal separation to procuring child support payments—this firm is committed to helping its clients achieve the best possible outcome.

Marital law proceedings are some of the most taxing and emotionally fraught cases in the courtroom. When a marriage is at risk, it takes an emotional and psychological toll on the entire family. The Law Offices of Robert B. Buchanan – Divorce Lawyer understands this and is committed to putting its extensive courtroom experience to use, guiding its clients through the gauntlet of family law to arrive at the best solution possible. 

Divorce is the furthest thing from the minds of a newly-wed couple holding fast to their marriage vows. However, when the relationship deteriorates, destroying the very foundation of this union, the looming threat of separation or divorce becomes a likely possibility

When faced with such circumstances, an experienced family attorney can ensure a client’s rights are protected and the case resolved as amicably as possible,  ensuring a fair division of assets without causing undue anguish to the family concerned. 

Bank accounts, property, the family home, vehicles, and more must be divided equally regardless of who paid more during or after the purchase. Illinois courts consider several factors when dividing property—from how long a couple has been married to factors such as each individual’s income. It is pertinent to note that how assets are divided can have serious tax implications. Hiring an experienced family law attorney can save time, undue emotional strain, and potentially, thousands of dollars in unnecessary taxes.  

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Whether or not the process of separation or divorce has been initiated, the parties concerned must be wary of the common mistakes affecting a case’s outcome considerably. The first mistake is trusting a verbal agreement made with one’s partner. Depending on the circumstances of the separation, residual feelings may lead to an individual taking a former partner at their word. 

However, verbal agreements are not legally binding, and, as such, it is vital to ensure all agreements are in written form. The second common mistake involves a parent fighting for child custody without first understanding the complexities of a custody case or the implications for the welfare of the child. There are different categories of child custody. While it is perfectly natural for a parent to want custody of the child, financial or other circumstances may render the parent unfit to care for the child full-time. In such cases, despite how difficult the decision may be, visitation rights rather than full custody may be the best choice for the welfare of the child.

Going through a divorce is an agonizing and stressful passage for any couple and their family. With much at stake, financially and emotionally, it is necessary to have a dedicated and compassionate family law team to lighten the burden. The Law Offices of Robert B. Buchanan have experience dealing with even the most challenging of family law cases and have a demonstrated history of crafting the right legal strategy to achieve favorable outcomes for its clients. This firm stands by its motto: “Let our team fight for your family.

About the Firm: 

The Law Offices of Robert B. Buchanan is a committed family law firm from Chicago, IL. This firm is dedicated to serving its clients with compassion, sensitivity, and respect. With many years of experience dealing with even the most complex family law proceedings, this firm handles various cases, from divorce to obtaining child support payments to establishing paternity, all while striving to achieve the best for its clients.

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