More Folks Are Feeling Valued In Relationships, Not Disappointed, Thanks To Attract Love and Respect

January 09 20:36 2023
Now people-pleasers, folks with anxious attachment, women with relationship anxiety, and “nice guys” are inspiring respect and commitment from people they date.

In many new relationships, one person is more invested… and more eager to get serious.

Most dating experts advise this person to play it cool. They say “Don’t be needy. Don’t ask for too much.”

In other words, don’t have any needs … and be happy the person you’re dating is showing up at all!

But people who take this advice – and downplay their needs – wind up feeling like low priorities. Why?

According to Attract Love and Respect, pleasing and accommodating others doesn’t inspire respect.

For example, Emily is an attractive single mom who yearned for a long-term committed partner, but kept settling for guys who only wanted to be “friends with benefits”.

By sacrificing her needs to please these men, and wavering when setting boundaries, she conveyed low value. She got less respect.

She was afraid to stand up for herself, afraid that putting her foot down the wrong way could blow things up!

That all changed when Attract Love and Respect liberated Emily from her disappointing relationship pattern, and showed her how to inspire respect and commitment from men.

When she tried what they suggested, a wonderful man showed up. And now they’re raising her two daughters together.

Attract Love and Respect is doing the same for people from many backgrounds.

They provide simple, effective steps in their new ebook: Attract Love and Respect: 5 Ways to Be Valued in Your Relationships. Readers are praising it with comments like these:

“I got valuable insights around how to deal with relationship anxiety, identify the boundaries that meet my needs, and express them in a way that is kind and actually heard.”

“It not only teaches you how to ‘command’ respect while engendering compassion (rather than pushing people away – genius!), but also how to love and respect yourself.”

“An exceptional book on finding clarity, confidence, and courage while proceeding through the often difficult process of dating and partnering!”

By following these simple steps, people-pleasers are now standing up for themselves, and expressing their needs in a way that evokes compassion, instead of pushing others away.

People who used to hang onto disappointing partners are ending new relationships when red flags appear, instead of getting attached and dooming themselves to heartache and sleepless nights.

People who used to feel ignored or let down are being treated as priorities and getting as much as they give.

People who used to come second are attracting partners who give them the closeness and commitment they deserve.

People with anxious attachment styles are getting their needs met (and getting reassurance) without coming across as needy, clingy, or creating drama.

Attract Love and Respect: 5 Ways to Be Valued in Your Relationships is a digital ebook, so it can be downloaded instantly.

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