Albatross Homebuyers Lays Down a New Way to Sell a House in New Orleans

January 10 02:50 2023
Albatross Homebuyers Lays Down a New Way to Sell a House in New Orleans
Here are a few ways for you to sell your house in New Orleans!

Selling a House Directly New Orleans: What to Expect

When it comes to selling a house in New Orleans, one would usually have a few different options. Homeowners can consider listing it with a real estate agent or selling it themselves. Hiring an agent involves paying around 6% of the sale price in commission fees. Selling on your own involves considering a broker and marketing the house.

However, a direct sale to a home investor might be the best option. Going for a direct sale doesn’t involve worrying about repairs, marketing, or closing costs. Albatross Homebuyers lists down what to expect when one is considering a direct sale.

Minimal Costs

Selling directly means a homeowner gets to keep the full sale price instead of paying 6% to a real estate agent for commissions. There is no need to pay a dime to advertise the house online or in print. There are also no costs involved in photographing the house to make it appealing to buyers.

Maintaining a property without spending too much money requires proactive measures. Keeping more cash in your pocket is possible by fixing a shelf or adding new A/C fillers. However, these small expenses can add up quickly. If a house stays in a listing for too long, a homeowner will continue paying these costs until the property is sold.

Selling a house through a direct sale gets rid of these costs right away. A sale usually takes at least two weeks, saving homeowners thousands of dollars.

No Effort Required

Selling a house involves huge effort in making sure the property is marketable. One has to be prepared for last-minute showings, and potential buyers don’t want to see personal belongings or clutter. This makes it easier for them to imagine how they would live inside a house. 

It also may be necessary to fix the house before and after the inspection. The seller owes it to the buyer to make sure that the house is in its best condition when it’s sold. When a buyer discovers after the sale that the seller didn’t disclose some issues with the house, they are liable to fix them or, worse, they could get in legal trouble. 

When selling directly to a home investor like Albatross Homebuyers, there is no need to clean or make repairs. The buyer will buy the house as is — sellers can choose to take their belongings and leave, and the investor will take care of the rest.

Ensured Peace of Mind

Selling directly to a home investor means a homeowner will know exactly what they’re getting and when. There are no lenders or red tape — sellers get paid in days or weeks or in their chosen schedule. When a homeowner chooses a direct sale, they can move on quickly and have a fresh start.

A direct sale is the best option for those who are looking for a fast sale for whatever reason, be it avoiding foreclosure or a sudden move. A traditional sale involves waiting for a buyer and expecting that a sale could fall through. On the other hand, a home investor has the funds available to pay right away.

Sell Your New Orleans Fast with Albatross Homebuyers

Selling a house fast may involve choosing a direct sale instead of the traditional methods. Albatross Homebuyers consists of home investors who have the funds to buy a home within two weeks. It also provides advice to homeowners to determine the best home selling option for them.

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