Leigh Brown, an Award-Wining Author Announces the New Book Titled Intoxicated

January 10 23:21 2023

January 10, 2023 – Leigh Brown, an award-winning author that is well known for excellence in the field of recovery from alcoholism/addiction proudly announces her new book titled Intoxicated: Understanding & Treating the Root Cause of Alcoholism & Addiction. Intoxicated closely examines the misconceptions about alcoholism and addiction that lead to such immense failures on the recovery front. The book will be available for purchase on January 14, 2023.

“Have you experienced the devastation of alcoholism or addiction? Do you continue to drink or use even when you desperately want to stop? Have you searched for answers that might explain your behavior, but come up empty? Do you feel that life is futile – whether or not you struggle to stay sober?Have you been longing for permanent sobriety, but secretly feel that you lack the willpower? Then read on,” Leigh explains.

For anyone who is struggling with sobriety or impacted by someone losing the battle with alcoholism or addiction, Leigh’s clear message of hope will help to guide and inspire you on the most important and difficult journey a person can take in this lifetime – back to his or her authentic self.

“Do you listen to the delusional thinking that draws you back to drinking or using, even after you have stopped? Are you impacted by someone struggling with the baffling disease of alcoholism or addiction? Do you wonder if you or someone you know is an alcoholic or addict? Have you watched a struggling addict break promise, cause wreckage, and return to their addiction even though you plead with them to stop? Then this book is definitely for you,” says Brown.

With vivid clarity and humbling honesty, Leigh Brown examines the root cause of alcoholism/addiction and the truth about what this means for those affected. But it doesn’t stop there. Brown leaves readers sensing the joyous ray of hope that is hidden within the prognosis of a fatal and progressive illness.

Leigh also offers a 30-Day Relapse Prevention Challenge. Enrollment open for next challenge starting January 30, 2023. Strap in for the most outrageous journey of a lifetime – Compressed into 30 days of fail-proof direction. You will journey past the shackles of alcoholic obsession and the insanity of addictive compulsions. You will experience what it is to be free.

This invaluable course, you will learn: 

• What it really means to be an alcoholic or addict. 
• Why you haven’t been able to stay sober, no matter what you’ve tried. 
• Why the emotional appeals from loved ones, bosses, doctors, or other concerned parties failed to keep you sober long-term. 
• The root cause of the disease so that you may apply the correct action towards rebuilding your life. 
• Why the ostracized and punished alcoholic/addict actually has a divinely crafted purpose. 
• Why no one is beyond redemption. 

Here is what you will achieve:

• A glimpse of that peaceful state of joyous sobriety.
• An experience of your true nature, beyond addiction and the egoic mind.
• Freedom from fear, self-pity, and resentment.
• A solid understanding of how to implement behaviors that guarantee permanent sobriety.
• A relapse-proof foundation for life.

For more information about the book Intoxicated, the 30 DayRelapse Prevention Challenge, and to get connected via email list, kindly visit www.recoveryleighbrown.com

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