GamesPad Presents The Biggest Business Opportunities Coming to the Metaverse in 2023

January 17 20:24 2023
The report ‘Metaverse: Emerging Business Opportunities’ explores the industries that will use the Metaverse this year. The trend is growing in sectors such as fashion, education, real estate investing, and tourism.

GamesPad, a Gaming, NFT and Metaverse Ecosystem, presented the biggest business opportunities coming to the metaverse in 2023, hand in hand with its partners in each industry. ‘Metaverse: Emerging Business Opportunities’, is the title of the research report by GamesPad, which highlights opportunities in the Gaming, Fashion, Real Estate, Entertainment, Education, Virtual Tourism and Marketing industries, among others.

The GamesPad report stands out that the metaverse can generate business opportunities in many new industries, including fashion, education, real estate investing, and tourism:

1. Gaming

Consumer spending on video games in the U.S. leaped from $17.5 billion in 2010 to $60.4 billion in 2021. Metaverse developers are focusing on in-game economic incentives, with the GameFi model becoming the most important feature. “As we see more and more video game projects add features to become more immersive, we will also see the potential to earn real-life income,” says Philip Devine, the founder of CryptoBlades Kingdoms.

“The metaverse could disrupt the esports industry through immersive digital experiences. The transition to an immersive hybrid model would take fan engagement with esports to unprecedented levels. Instead of spectating the game from the players’ screens, they will be inside the game. The metaverse makes it possible to virtualize a complete tournament, providing an even more entertaining experience,” claims Eran Elhanani, a co-founder of GamesPad and BullPerks.

2. Fashion

The metaverse is making room for a fashion subculture by mixing the physical and the virtual world, with digital designs and modeling of physical garments, physical and digital designs loaded into the blockchain to be sold as NFTs and even digital clothing rendered on real-world people, say sector executives interviewed in the report. According to one of them, Wahid Chammas, chairman and co-founder of Faith Tribe, a co-owner of Faith Connexion, and the founder and CIO of TyreGate Capital, the future of fashion is “phygital” and brands will start adapting their brand DNA to it.

In this sense, Metawear founder A. Bahadir Yener claims that “fashion never ends, it just evolves. In the metaverse we don’t need to eat or drink, but we have digital avatars. We need digital clothes and wearables for those avatars. We are nurturing fashion design talents, digital tailors, animators, and digital artists, and that’s how the metaverse looks like now and will look like in the future.”

3. Real Estate Investing

According to a GamesPad survey, 45% of its Telegram followers are considering purchasing virtual real estate, and 14% of users have already done so. For their part, real estate developers are also moving toward a digital future by buying virtual lots or properties. Virtual real estate is fast becoming a profitable transition into this emerging metaverse landscape with real-world benefits.

4. Entertainment

For those who wish to turn virtual lots into entertainment companies, the possibilities are limitless. “Entertainment industry players may have the most profitable opportunities in the metaverse. This emerging virtual space is attracting a lot of interest among younger demographics. Because of this, gaming, media and even event management companies are joining the metaverse, seeking to create virtual replicas of their real-world services to seize that opportunity and expand their audience scope,” explains Brian Hazan, a co-founder of THE HUSL.

5. Education

The metaverse will offer a particular business opportunity for educators, online course providers, institutes, and even universities, as it will allow for a more immersive learning style. “The metaverse may be the dawn of a new era for education, allowing students and teachers to meet in the digital space using VR headsets wherever they are, a feature that might improve education,” says in the report Petrix Barbosa, a co-founder of MoonBoots.

6. Virtual Tourism

Virtual trips and tours around the world may become available to many people through the metaverse. The experts interviewed for the report say that there are no budgetary constraints in the metaverse, generating countless opportunities. Another benefit for the tourism industry in the metaverse is its ability to inspire visits to physical destinations; for example, companies can create experiences of desired destinations for potential tourists to visit cities and hotels and get a sightseeing preview before actually traveling there, add the document..

7. Marketing

“The metaverse is the next big thing for digital marketing. Marketers have always strived to build more immersive and exciting brand experiences. That’s what the metaverse provides. Wouldn’t something like that help Ferrari’s sales department, for instance, attract luxury customers by taking them for a test drive through the virtual streets of any city in the world?”, says Dana Kachan, the CMO of GamesPad and BullPerks.

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