Miami-Based Photographer And Videographer Ethan Tyler Acevedo, Aka Ethan, Rises To The Forefront Of The Miami Photography Scene

January 23 21:54 2023

Ethan Tyler Acevedo, also Known online as akaEthan, is making waves in the creative industry thanks to his stunning photography and captivating YouTube content.

With a background in gaming, Ethan first gained internet popularity for his online gaming videos. But as his presence grew, he began reaching out to other local influencers and building his brand. He was inspired by their craft and determined to make a name for himself in the industry. However, he quickly realized that breaking into the industry can be difficult if you don’t reach out to others.

Determined to overcome this obstacle, Ethan began uploading his photos and videos on Instagram and YouTube. He slowly built a following and began to gain recognition for his work. Eventually, his hard work paid off as he received opportunities to shoot at clubs in Miami, meeting and photographing some of the city’s most talented musicians.

Ethan’s YouTube channel,, is a showcase of his photography and videography skills, as well as a behind-the-scenes look at his work. Ethan’s channel is a visual feast, from capturing candid moments at music events to showcasing his portraits and landscapes.

Ethan’s Instagram accounts, and, offer a glimpse into his world of photography and videography. His photos are a mix of portraits, landscapes, and street photography that showcase his unique perspective and eye for detail.

Ethan Tyler Acevedo, the creator behind Ethan Filmz and akaEthan, is a rising star in the photography and videography industry. Based in Miami, Florida, Ethan’s unique blend of visual storytelling has caught the attention of many, and he continues to push the boundaries of creativity and art in his work. With a passion for photography, Ethan is a gifted artist and a masterful storyteller, capturing the beauty and emotion of the world around him.

Ethan’s journey began with a passion for gaming and a desire to share his experiences with others. However, as he grew his online presence, he began to explore other areas of interest, including photography and videography. He quickly realized that the industry could be tough to break into, but with hard work and determination, he could overcome this obstacle and begin to make a name for himself.

Ethan’s hard work has paid off, and he has had the opportunity to work with many incredible music artists and shoot photos for them in Miami. His photos and videos have been featured on YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter, and his unique style has earned him a dedicated following.

Ethan’s success is a testament to the power of hard work, perseverance, and overcoming obstacles. He believes that anyone can achieve their dreams if they are willing to put in the work and overcome their fears.

His advice for others looking to break into the industry is to try to reach their goals and overcome their fears.“I was inspired by watching others in my area and seeing theircraft,” he says. “I realized that the only way to succeed was to start on Instagram and YouTube and try for myself.”

Ethan’s creativity, hard work, and determination have propelled him to the forefront of the Miami photography scene. Check out his website for more information on his work, and be sure to follow him on Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter for a glimpse into his world of photography and videography.

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