Mobilo Releases ChatGPT-generated Blog Post Series

January 24 20:22 2023
This environment-conscious company tries the magic of the AI content generator to explore its wonder.

Technology has done so many wonders in the world today. It has brought a lot of conveniences that have made the way people live, work, and even play so much easier and faster.

Mobilo, the smart digital business card that empowers better business connections across the globe while saving the planet, is one of the countless organizations that benefit from the advantages of technology. Harnessing the power of technology, Mobilo can connect all digital tools and easily share contact details in a single tap. It offers forward-thinking organizations worldwide an all-in-one business card that can share contact details, gather leads, and connect to over 3,000 apps and CRM tools.

Today, Mobilo tries on yet another tech wonder–the ChatGPT.

ChatGPT is a large language model developed by the artificial intelligence research and deployment company OpenAI. The AI language model is based on one of the largest and most advanced language models available currently. It was developed for natural language processing tasks, like text generation and language translation. As such, one of its main features is the ability to produce human-like text responses, which allows it to be used as a chatbot for customer service and forums and generate content for social media and marketing.

Given these abilities, Mobilo utilizes ChatGPT to generate articles for its blog. In this project, the environment-conscious company publishes ChatGPT-generated articles daily for the next 30 days. By employing ChatGPT to create its blog posts, Mobilo can explore what AI-generated content can offer to the company, giving it ideas on how to maximize its benefits for the company.

“Like everyone else, we are also amused by the magic of ChatGPT. Hence, we put its brilliance to the test with this fun project,” shared a Mobilo representative. “We already have one on the way, and we are super excited for the rest of the series,” the representative added.

For its first blog post, ChatGPT talks about networking. Titled ‘6 Pro Tips for Networking in New Places’, the article tells about the many opportunities people can connect and network with outside a professional context. It cites six unconventional settings where a person can meet other individuals, make a connection, and create an opportunity to generate a lead. To read the entire article, visit

The blog post ‘6 Pro Tips for Networking in New Places’ is only the first in the series that ChatGPT is set to create for Mobilo. Every day, Mobilo will release a post written with the help of ChatGPT. The company’s blog posts are available to read on its website.

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Mobilo is a smart digital business card that empowers better business connections across the globe while saving the planet. It can connect with all digital tools and easily shares contact details in a single tap.

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