Maria D. Awdi, one of the most influential mothers and beauty and fashion influencers

February 03 11:06 2023
Maria D. Awdi, one of the most influential mothers and beauty and fashion influencers
Maria D. Awdi, one of the most influential mothers and beauty and fashion influencers
Being a successful mother and a well-known fashion icon at the same time isn’t an easy task at all. Maria De Los Angelos Awdi, also known as Maria D Awdi, is an American-Lebanese fashion and beauty blogger who proves to the world that a successful woman can make a great balance between her life and her career and that a woman has the power to shoot for the stars regardless of the obstacles that she has encountered or will encounter in her life.

It’s the 21st century, and women are no longer toning down their own personal style after delivering children. There are a considerable number of moms who have continued to rock their careers after having their babies, and some have even elevated their style game since becoming mothers. There are so many celebrities and influencers who are proof that a mother can still be fashionable and trendy even after having kids. Not only that, some influencers started to create content after delivering their babies, giving hints and tips about motherhood. 

Maria D. Awdi, one of the most influential and well-known fashion and beauty figures, ensures that being a mother has never hindered her career as an entrepreneur, fashion and beauty expert, and influencer. Being a mother was a major motive for her to pursue her career with courage so that her son would be proud of her and even be part of her life. It has been a huge responsibility since she gave birth to the young angel, but Maria was strong enough to overcome all the barriers that might hinder her journey with her ambition, determination, and hard work.

As a young woman, Maria D. Awdi had lots of dreams, just as all other women do, and nothing was able to stop her from achieving them. Nothing happens magically; it takes lots of time and effort for a mother to manage her private life and her career. Besides, her husband has played a very intrinsic role in her life. Maria’s hubby is considered he supporting system who always stands by her side, encourages her, gives her energy and strength. 

And recently, Maria is writing a book about the Motherhood at the age 40. She wants to share herexperience and how having a child at the age of 40 changed her life. The positive and the negative of having a baby at this age. Especially that she was a mother first time at the age of 21. So she experienced motherhood at two different stages of my life. This book will be decicated to her daughter.

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