“i4 Financial Services” company opens its doors to support small businesses in building business credit

February 03 23:37 2023

The i4 Financial Services has launched with the aim of helping small businesses expand without relying on personal guarantees and assets. It also helps them build business credit. In incidents, even the banks say no, i4 Financial Services says yes. This i4 Financial Services company has opened its doors to support small businesses and start-ups in Central Florida. They supply the services by considering the factors that a business can seem attractive to a lender. i4 Financial Services connects small businesses with lenders and help them build business credit to access high-limit lines of credit and business loans without a personal guarantee.

The main objective at i4 Financial Services is to assist local small businesses in Central Florida and the surrounding areas in obtaining the cash and business credit they require to expand. This is achieved by concentrating on the elements that endear a company to lenders. i4 Financial Services helps you establish business credit and connect you with lenders to obtain business loans and high-limit lines of credit without providing a personal guarantee.

i4 Financial Services assist small business owners when they lack funds but desire to launch and expand the company, when they need a business loan but lack the necessary security, when they need company financing but have poor or no personal credit, and when the company doesn’t have credit and needs to obtain business funding with no personal guarantee (PG). The first step is to make sure your company is set up credibly so that, before you apply, you meet credit issuer and lender standards. Next, you obtain legitimate, usable credit from suppliers. When there is no existing EIN credit, these vendors will extend you credit. Additionally, they inform the business reporting authorities about this credit. That credit is reported to Experian, Equifax, or Dun & Bradstreet in 60 days or fewer. Your EIN will have a documented credit report and score once it is reported.  i4 Financial Services is there for you to ease that process.

Business owners can obtain business loans through i4 Financial Services with just their Employer Identification Number(EIN) and no Social Security number (SSN). EIN is a nine-digit number that the IRS assigned to identify tax accounts for employers and other individuals without employees. The IRS utilizes this number to track down taxpayers who are required to file specific business tax returns. EINs are used by employers, sole proprietorships, companies, partnerships, nonprofits, trusts, estates of the deceased, governmental bodies, specific people, and other legal entities. Get a free EIN directly from the IRS.

i4 Financial Services will assist businesses in obtaining the funds that they require and building your company’s credit so you won’t need to utilize your personal credit if you are a new or established business in need of cash to expand.

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