Ronald Wayne Happy to Announce New Smooth Jazz Single “Grooved”

February 06 07:16 2023
American musician, composer, and song writer Ronald Wayne will present his newest instrumental smooth jazz release — chilled, energetic, and stays in the groove.

His new release “Grooved” will kick off a series of year-long nonstop smooth jazz music releases, including an EP mid-summer, and finishing off the year with a full album release of Hotter Than the Sun late 2023.

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Ronald Wayne is no newcomer to the music scene. His love for music began in the late 60s, playing gigs in Los Angeles, CA, dragging around his 400lb Hammond Organ and stirring up the music scene in places like The Beverly Hilton, The Ball, and The Earlybird. Fast forward a few decades, raising a family, and a career as an award-winning architectural home designer and builder, Ronald now dedicates his time and energy creating smooth contemporary jazz with a twist.

Ronald recalls, “Back in the day I really wanted to play the Whiskey in Hollywood. But it never happened so I played lots of other clubs, waiting for the opportunity, with my band Summerstock. One small club by Disneyland, The Ball, was new and didn’t have a stage. I wasn’t about to play that gig on the floor (I did too many of those) so I built the stage myself! That Owner had out advertising, floodlights out-front, go-go girls, a bar maid that looked just like Elvira, the whole bit, and that stage made the whole thing come together. If I remember, we made a couple hundred bucks a night and all the watery beer we could drink. Man, that’s dedication to your music.”

Besides his musical talents creating and writing contemporary smooth jazz, Ronald plays and records all the music in his Myrtle Beach home studio, RW Studios, just footsteps from the Atlantic Ocean, where much of his inspiration to write his songs begins.

“Being at the beach is cathartic for me. Morning walks as the sun comes up is my magic hour for creativity. Coming to Myrtle Beach was needed for my wife and I to take care of her 96-year-old mother. Little did I know that the beach would stir my imagination for creating music. The beauty of the sun rising from the water is unmatched here. In the off season, when the bulk of tourists are gone, I can walk totally alone for a mile in the early morning never seeing another human. Sometimes I rush back into the studio not really knowing what’s going to come out, but inevitably it does, and a song is created. They don’t all make the cut, but you can bet that the ones you do hear were probably created at the beach, not in the studio.” 

The song “Grooved,” as well as all future releases, was mastered by brothers Jon Weil (Head Mastering Engineer) and Brandon Weil (GM/Assistant Studio Engineer), in their state-of-the-art studio Fuzzywallz Mastering in Seattle, Washington. Fuzzywallz Mastering specializes in high end audio mastering and have been working regularly with artists from around the globe for decades. Their effortless communication, proven workflow and double the quality control produces a custom and unique labor of love, making every end product exceed expectations. 

Brandon stated, “Here at Fuzzywallz Mastering, we have had the pleasure of working with Ronald Wayne for the last couple of years. Not only is Ronald an easy-going guy who understands the value of teamwork, but he happens to be a phenomenal musician too! His unique blend of groove and dynamics are something that we don’t hear a whole lot of in the smooth jazz genre and in our humble opinion, it’s exactly what it needs. One gets a sense of his talent and creativity when listening because no two Ronald Wayne songs are the same, or even close to the same (in the best way) and we can tell that Ronald pours his heart and soul into his music. We’re always excited to hear what he cooks up next!”

With “Grooved” being just the primer for Ronald Wayne’s musical adventure in 2023, it comes to no surprise that he will finish the year off with a full album Hotter Than the Sun for his musical grand finale in early December.

Hotter Than the Sun Album Track Listing

  1. Grooved
  2. Santiago’s Dance
  3. Old School
  4. Galaxy 49.3
  5. Play It Lillith
  6. Hotter Than The Sun
  7. Easy Money
  8. The Flavor Of You
  9. Friday26
  10. B3 Me
  11. Let It Flow

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