Read2Me Reshapes the Landscape of the Text-To-Speech Industry, Placing an Advanced Browser Tool Onto the Market

February 06 21:42 2023
Read To Me (Read2Me) is a comprehensive browser-based text-to-speech SaaS created by This software was designed to help businesses and people with reading disabilities save time and convert the text of any format into audio.

Text-to-speech programs and apps have many uses. Students who prefer listening to rather than reading lectures rely on TTS software to learn and study more efficiently. Entrepreneurs use text-to-speech apps to research documents and files with poor readability. Social Media content creators and influencers, as well as many more traditionally-oriented businesses, rely on TTS apps for marketing.

According to data sourced from European Dyslexia Association, it is estimated that roughly 12% of the world’s population struggles with reading disorders, dyslexia being the most common one. 

Read2Me (Read To Me) is a rapidly-growing Croatian company that has created an innovative TTS tool designed to make advanced text-to-speech technology accessible and easy to use. As a browser-based app with a simplified interface, Read2Me quickly eclipsed the performance of contemporary alternatives. 

Read To Me enables users to convert any website or document into audio. The app supports data from articles, books, news, blogs, learning material, and any other readable input. 

Regarding its operation, users can paste links or directly upload the files they want to convert into speech. Read2Me features an integrated upload bar where links can be pasted. The “play” button is embedded on the site as well, enabling users to immediately playback uploaded files in audio format. 

The speed of the Read To Me app is one of its main advantages. While numerous TTS programs and platforms require up to several minutes to convert text to audio, Read2Me can handle any document and transform it into speech within seconds. 

Read2Me is a premium TTS app with remarkably flexible payment options. The app’s features can be accessed by using credits, which can be topped up with one-off purchases or received by subscribing to any of the Read To Me payment plans. 

Unlike contemporary TTS SaaS providers, Read To Me enables its users to freely use and access the content they’ve previously converted to audio. This content can be found on the History page, which is unique to all users. 

The Read To Me credit system grants “time” to the user, which is added to the total balance whenever a new payment is made. Minutes or hours are deducted from the balance depending on the length of speech in the processed article, not on characters, words, or pages. 

Read2Me offers six credit packages, all of which effectively reduce the cost per credit (hour). Purchasing two hours costs €5 or €2.5 per hour while purchasing 37 hours costs €50 or merely €1.35 per hour. 

Read2Me enables everyone to use its app for 15 minutes for free while people who sign in are awarded an extra 30 minutes. 

More information about Read2Me is available on the company’s official website.

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