USIMS Provides Internet on the Go for Travelers in 120 Countries

February 06 21:51 2023
Avoid mobile carrier roaming charges when traveling to other countries with USIMS. The internet data service works worldwide without roaming charges anywhere, an attractive feature for those who frequently travel.

Why should anyone have to pay extra to use a network they already pay to use? USIMS eliminates the worry of additional charges for using the networks in another country. Travel is expensive enough, so why not save on the mobile bill while traveling with a plan designed to move?

“Your internet, on the go,” USIMS founder said. “Get connected as soon as you land, before the plane doors open. Roam like at home.”

Users can also pay anywhere worldwide using the USIMS app, surfing the internet, or using their favorite apps at leisure. Skip the hassles of travel communication with convenient connections and flexible data packages. Download the USIMS app for free on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store. 

“Share the USIMS app with your friends and roam the world with no roaming fees,” Joseph Ged, USIMS founder and partner said. 

The freedom to be connected

Bid farewell to contracts and monthly payments with USIMS. Download an eSIM and stay connected around the world. There’s no need to buy a new sim card while traveling. With a downloadable eSIM card, continue using the same number and access the USIMS 4G/5G worldwide network.

“The USIMS data service is the perfect solution for your needs,” company founders said. “With USIMS, you can instantly purchase affordable data packs and one-time eSIM or hard SIM cards with unlimited time validity.”

Internet on the go in 120+ countries

Users need only select the appropriate data service package for their needs, choose a payment method, download, and start using data immediately. With the vast array of data packages at USIMS, users can easily stay connected anywhere they go. 

Official Apple partner

As an official Apple partner, USIMS lets users travel to destinations around the world without a loss of service. Access a global 4G/5G network in more than 120 countries and stay connected to home while exploring. Avoid roaming charges and choose a flexible data package depending on the region or country of destination. Data SIMS are available at cheaper rates through Apple Pay and Google Pay. 

“Download USIMS and become part of our #GenerationU community where everyone can more freely,” Joseph Ged said. 

Welcome to USIMS

Connect anytime, anywhere to reliable internet with a private and secure connection in over 120 countries worldwide through a selection of flexible data packages varying by region and country. Download a hassle-free eSIM or purchase a hard SIM card with USIMS and enjoy the internet on the go. 


Visit the USIMS website to learn more about staying connected anywhere in the world. Reach out on Facebook and Instagram to communicate with the brand on Instagram.  

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