Kovan Dalil: Helping Aspiring Youth Become Professional Soccer Players

February 15 21:39 2023
Bringing opportunities and sponsorships closer to those who need them most

All young people have a dream of what they truly want to become in this lifetime. Some of them dream to become an actor or actress, others find it in their hearts to serve through medicine, and there are also those who found their passion in sports like soccer. While there is no limit in dreaming big, not everyone is provided with the same opportunities. For those who are seeking to become great athletes in the field of soccer, Kovan Dalil is here to turn those ideals into reality some day.

Best known as an American professional soccer player who plays attacking midfield for Sahara Gunners FC club in the United States Premier League (USPL) and the US Open Cup, Kovan Dalil has already lived his dream of becoming a household name in his favorite sport. As his way of giving back, he is bringing opportunities closer to youth who are interested in playing soccer professionally.

It all started in 2016 with his local team Sahara Gunners FC, where they slowly paved their way to joining good leagues from having practices at small tournaments. Eventually, they were recognized as a competitive soccer team in the city of Buffalo, growing their initial team of 20 players to 40.

By maximizing the connections Kovan has made in his career, he is supporting budding players with the help of sponsorships from big companies. Through these sponsorships, he is able to place worthy young players into professional soccer leagues in the summer.

In fact, Kovan is more than proud of the young people he has helped so far. Haider Hamed and Hindreen Dalil are both his living testimonies. He started to train this duo when they were 12 years old and fast forward to today, both are top players scoring goal after goal in their respective tournaments.

Together with his team, they are hopeful to support more players from high schools, colleges, and other private schools. They want to give everybody the chance to follow their dreams— aspiring to change the lives of even hundreds of young men in the future.

Kovan also has his own line of sports apparel called KM7 Online Clothing Shop. While it is a business on its own, he is eager to help kids who cannot afford to pay for leagues and clothing by providing them soccer jerseys from his shop. He has also met famous athletes like Shaquille O’Neal and Damar Hamlin.

Know more about Kovan his making the dream of aspiring soccer players come true. Visit his website at https://km7fan.com/ or follow him on Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, and Facebook.

About Kovan Dalil

Kovan Dalil is an American professional soccer player who plays attacking midfield for Sahara Gunners FC club in the UPSL, US open Cup, on loan from Iraqi Premier League club Duhok, and for the Kurdistan national team.

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