Step Into A Complete Transformation: Get Fit Emotionally And Physically With Ivona Tarnaj

February 15 23:33 2023

Ivona Tarnaj is not an ordinary fitness instructor. She knows where the real changes are made. She is raising the bar in the fitness industry by providing a holistic approach to transforming her clients’ lives. With her comprehensive program, women can finally get the support they need to reach their health and fitness goals while also improving their mental well-being.

Ivona believes that true transformation comes from more than just physical exercise. Her program, Lady B Fit Community, is designed to help improve confidence, self-esteem, and motivation while creating meaningful lifestyle changes. Clients have experienced impressive results due to Ivona’s holistic approach which combines cognitive behavioural coaching with nutrition education, and exercise guidance.

Ivona is passionate about helping women embrace who they are inside and out. Through her unique program she has been able to provide numerous clients with the tools needed to achieve their desired physique while also gaining a newfound confidence and positive self-esteem in themselves. Her approach is highly effective because it focuses on not only the physical aspects of health but also the psychological components as well such as mindset shifts and positive self talk techniques.

About her approach, Ivona says, “You need to love yourself and your body and you need to know that physical change can always be achieved. What you need to work on though is your head. Once you build your confidence and understand who you are and how amazing you are, the sky’s the limit.”

Taking her passion to the next level, she aspires to grow her business to be able to open Lady B Fit Community Center one day, where women would be able to work on their body and mind without any breaks or distractions. She envisions this place to offer great personal development and physical and mental well-being solutions, including personal training, studio and online classes, a psychologist, a love coach, a marital and parental advisor, and childcare. She also plans to offer everything both in-person and online.

To learn more about Ivona’s transformative program or to inquire about enrollment visit or @ladybfitcommunity.

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