How To Enjoy Badminton Game With LED Lighting

February 16 11:41 2023

Badminton is a popular sport, especially in Asia like China and Malaysia. Two to four players use a racket or shuttlecock to hit between the net. Badminton courts require lighting fixtures, especially indoor courts.

The badminton tournament must provide a safe environment for players to feel at ease and be able to play their best. Lighting can have a significant impact on athlete performance. This external factor is crucial. The glare can also blind players and cause them to lose their focus. It is essential to have a well-designed lighting system. This will ensure fairness and quality in the match.

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Lighting Guidelines For Badminton Court Lighting

If you want to play badminton as an entertainment sport, the 200 lux requirements must be met. A professional badminton court requires between 750 and 1000 lux. To ensure the best viewing experience for both badminton players as well as spectators, LED badminton court lighting must be carefully considered. The court lighting for badminton must be adjusted to the natural light that is available.

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Elements To Consider When Designing Lighting For A Badminton Court

Lighting Design Objectives

Lighting must be installed properly in badminton courts to ensure that players can play at their best. These are the main goals of lighting.

* Correct Background is required

* CRI suitable for the application

* Lighting Uniformity

* Sufficient illumination

* Control and restriction of glare

Due to shuttlecock trajectory, glare limitations must be observed. Lighting should not be so bad that it could affect players’ performance. Badminton is a sport that requires excellent lighting because of the high number of shuttlecock hits. The shuttlecock and net are both white, which makes it crucial that the badminton court is brightly lit.

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Uniform Lighting

A badminton court must have enough lighting. First, the LED lights should be bright enough. Illumination uniformity is the next important element. Uneven lighting can make it difficult for badminton players and hinder their ability to win. Uneven lighting would be a problem for spectators as well. It is important to select LED lighting that guarantees uniform lighting, such as VKS Lighting.

High-powered LED lighting options are available from the company. VKS Lighting will ensure that your badminton court is well lit. The audience will never miss any exciting moments during the badminton match.

As badminton requires players to see the shuttlecock from above the ground, uniform illumination is essential. Poor illumination could make it difficult to see the trajectory from above, making it hard for players to hit and identify the target.


Maintenance of LED lighting is another important aspect to consider. LED lights last for over 80,000 hours, which is equivalent to 27 years. LED lights are much more durable than metal halide lamps which last only 5,000 hours.

In the short-term, LED lights are virtually maintenance-free. LED lights usually have very low maintenance costs. LED lighting is a great investment in badminton courts.

Heat Dissipation System

LED lighting is sensitive to heat. The LED lighting in badminton courts can be easily damaged by intense heat. The LED fixtures’ electronic components are not designed to withstand high temperatures and deformation. VKS Lighting is the best choice for badminton courts. The company’s LED lights are made with a unique design that can withstand heat and high temperatures. The temperature is therefore maintained.


Anti-glare lighting is a must for badminton court lighting. Because it can block glare, LED is an excellent choice. VKS Lighting uses a PC lens to reduce glare from LED badminton lights. They even offer customized services. The company offers customized services, such as anti-glare covers that provide a better viewing experience for players. There are many LED stadium lights that can be used indoors and outdoors. It is important that you choose the right one. Badminton requires a lot of upward looking. Badminton players need to be able to see upwards. Glare control is essential. To control the glare, a direct lighting system is recommended. To control the glare, you can use lower light outputs. Glare shields are an option. The light fittings must be placed so that the line of sight is not in direct contact with them. This would make it difficult for the shuttle to be seen. A indirect lighting system can be used to control glare. It would prevent the surface from experiencing too much reflection.

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Modular Design

Modular design is another great feature of LED arena lights. It is important to consider any unforeseeable or man-made damages before installing LED lights. It is impossible to replace the entire fixture. The unique design of LED lights allows for the removal and replacement of broken units. The unique design of LED lights allows for significant savings in time and money.

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Badminton courts need waterproof lighting. For badminton courts that are outdoors, LED lighting is the best choice. You should get LED lighting with at least IP66 rating.

Make the Ideal Environment

When designing LED lights, reflectivity and interior colors should be taken into account. Contrast between ceiling and light fittings must be minimized. Contrast in brightness must be maximized. High reflectance ceilings should not be used, as they will increase the luminance and adversely impact badminton players’ performance.

How to Choose the Ideal LED Lighting for Your Badminton Court

Find the Perfect LED Light with The Perfect Fitting

Only LED lights that are in the correct fitting should be used. VKS Lighting offers LED lights that fit perfectly in badminton courts. The LED light will not fit perfectly if it isn’t.

The Right Colour

Performance is influenced by the color of the light. This is why it is important to choose the right color. Warm light is usually the best choice for badminton courts. White light is another option. The Kelvin scale measures the temperature of light. The color can be measured by the temperature of the light. Higher color ratings indicate that the light source is nearer to the natural one. The space’s color temperature determines the mood. Warm white colors promote a relaxed environment. A white light encourages productivity. VKS Lighting offers LED lights in a variety of colors. VKS Lighting offers a wide range of color temperatures including daylight white, cool white, daylight, warm white, and many others.

Color Rendering Index

Another important aspect to consider when selecting an LED light is the color rendering index, or CRI. This is used to accurately measure the quality of the light. To determine if the light source is similar to natural light, the quality of the light source can be measured using the color rendering index. Higher CRI is better. LED lights with a color rendering index between 85-90 are best. The CRI is important because light has many frequencies. Natural light is able to render various colors because it has the best balance of frequencies.

Non-Dimmable and Dimmable Lights

LED lights should be simple to dim. Dimmable lights help create a unique effect. An LED light can be dimmable or non-dimmable. An LED dimmer is also an option. For the best lighting, choose an LED light that can be dimmed.

Layout Of The Badminton Court

The badminton court is an important consideration when choosing the right LED lighting. You can determine which LED light is best for your badminton court by looking at its size, layout, or design. The badminton court will be taken into consideration when choosing the best LED lighting.

Badminton is a favorite sport of many Chinese. Playing badminton has been a popular form of exercise. To fulfill people’s desire for a better lifestyle, there are more badminton courts in homes and offices. But when we step into the arena, it is ready for a big fight. The ball is not landing at its intended point if you are looking up at it with “shaking eyes”. This can affect the ball skills and also the sport’s comfort.

Badminton lighting is done using several types of lamps:

Row Lights for Badminton Court

The row lamp, which is a common early lighting fixture in badminton halls, is both economical and simple to install. It is made up of rows of tubes, either fluorescent lamps or LED tubes. The light source is located close to the surface source which is also low in glare. The installation height is approximately 2-4 meters. Although the row lamp has the greatest advantage, it is unable to solve the problem of glare if there is sufficient economy. The disadvantages are also evident. The brightness cannot be maintained above 200LUX. This is not sufficient to meet the higher levels. Insufficient lighting at high elevation is a problem. It is therefore difficult to see the lights in a professional arena.

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Metal Halide Lighting

For a long time, metal halide lamps were used as an old brand. They are also used to light badminton courts. They can also be used for a very long time. It has slow start, low light efficiency and poor indication. It takes fifteen minutes for the lamp to turn on. It is very common in the market, and the price is very competitive. However, because there are no other lamps, the gap between the gold halide and the gold halide is huge. There can be hundreds of thousands or even millions of concurrent existences. You can now kill metal halide lamps with the help of LEDs and fluorescent high-hanging lights for badminton court lighting.

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LED Arena Lights

Point light source illumination mode is LED lamps. The main feature of LED lamps is their high light efficiency and energy savings. However, the greatest problem is the glare and light decay. Early LED light distribution was very rough and the design was not ideal. With the combination of VKS LED arena lights and big data, the light distribution has been optimized for stadium properties. The lens glass can also be covered with a matt mask and an anti-glare covering. After that, the light decays to a glare GR value of around 15.

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You can find out more about our products that are suitable for squash courts, badminton courts, and other indoor/outdoor sports spaces by contacting us through email or a phone call.

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