Anand Goel Committed to Establishing Sustainability as a Standard in the Tech Space, Launching a Green Movement via Sarvang Infotech India Limited

  • PublishedFebruary 21, 2023
Anand Goel is an Indian serial entrepreneur, director of multiple successful tech enterprises, and an individual passionate about the environment. Through his many companies and ventures, Anand Goel is helping the tech world become a greener place.

The era of digital technology is at its peak, with brands, businesses, and companies across the world having access to a host of new opportunities to prosper and make the lives of consumers easier. With the majority of entrepreneurs and firms being focused on emerging technologies, businesses are more agile and better equipped to deal with the growing demand for more sophisticated products and solutions.

One entrepreneur stands out from the sea of tech-mind individuals who recognized an unexplored potential in modern-world technologies – their use in making the world greener and the environment healthier.

Anand Goel, an Indian serial entrepreneur and the director of Sarvang Infotech India Limited has embarked on a quest of establishing green sustainability in the tech space. Leveraging decades of experience in tech application and leadership, Anand founded Quoeco India Private Limited in the July of 2021 and is committing his undivided attention to bringing green solutions to his clients. 

Throughout his childhood, Anand Goel had a passion for programming and excelled in school to the point that his skills were barely rivaled by his seniors. Even as a student, he collaborated with the government of the Korba district on creating and launching an online portal for the locals. His technological prowess proved invaluable in making the lives of Korba citizens simpler and the district more open to digital transformation. 

Anand also worked with the police department of Korba on setting up their official portal. Before he created a comprehensive website, the department struggled to keep track of complaints that were previously handled in more traditional ways. 

In 2006, Anand Goel started his first business Sarvang Infotech India Limited, and began working with various government organizations. From the State Bank of India and Punjab National Bank to Vedanta, Hindustan Zinc, Bajaj Allianz, and many others, Anand extended his skills to help India become stronger and its citizens happier. 

In parallel to leading Sarvang Infotech, Anand was preparing to launch his dream project, Quoeco India Private Limited, which was officially founded in 2020. As an environmentally-minded individual, Anand wanted to create a space that could serve as a launching board for his future green initiatives, raise awareness about current & rising environmental issues, and take concrete action toward making the world greener. 

One of the first projects Quoeco launched was an initiative in which the company, with Anand at the helm, would plant 1,000 trees for 100 followers. Not only did Anand aid reforestation efforts but this also helped send a powerful message and bring more people over to Anand’s vision of a green planet.

More information about Anand Goel and his businessed reach him on Anand’s official Instagram profile.

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