Charities Implementing Information Technology Support to Increase Fundraising

February 27 10:58 2023
Charities that implement IT support in their fundraising campaigns can reach a wider audience, increase efficiency, reduce costs, gain valuable data insights, optimize their website for donations, offer online training and support, and streamline processes with technology. With the right tools, charities can leverage social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to share their stories and connect with supporters, expand their donor pool, and boost fundraising efforts.

Charities far and wide rely on fundraising for a significant percentage of their income. However, it isn’t all about money. Fundraising can help promote a charity’s goals and messages while encouraging others to jump on board and spread the word.

Over the years, technology has played a significant part in changing the way we engage, transact, and give to charities. Organisations that implement technology-driven solutions like IT support services to their fundraising campaigns have seen enormous growth in their ability to collect donations and interact with supporters. Here are some benefits IT support can bring in increasing fundraising efforts.

Reach a Wider Audience

One of the major advantages of IT support in fundraising is the power to reach a larger audience. The world wide web provides an endless stream of potential supporters. With the right tools, charities can reach this vast audience with their fundraising tactics.

Social media giants like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram enable charities to share their stories, connect with supporters, and, ultimately, get more donors on board. IT support can provide vital assistance in digitised work, from planning large-scale marketing campaigns to securely receiving online donations. Ultimately, IT support can expand a charity’s donor pool, which naturally helps in boosting fundraising efforts.

Greater Efficiency and Lower Costs

IT support teams can also help charities enhance efficiency and reduce costs linked with fundraising. For example, automated systems can manage routine tasks, such as updating supporter databases, sending out thank-you letters, and receipting donations. Leaving these tasks to the experts means more time can be spent concentrating on more strategic initiatives.

Thanks to the increased efficiency, this can help in lowering the time and cost linked with processing donations. This makes it far easier for charities to use their resources more effectively, and any money coming into the organisation can be spent on more worthwhile things.

Gain Valuable Data

Another advantage of IT support in fundraising is the capability to retrieve valuable data and insights. Providing you have the right tools behind you. You can track and monitor their campaigns and assess their impact. This can be a huge help in making informed decisions for the charity.

For instance, charities can use analytics to track their website traffic. You can also use such tools to monitor your social media marketing campaigns’ success and analyse your fundraising pages’ effectiveness. Charity IT support services can help you with your data. They specialise in IT support and cyber security services to protect your charity and help with your fundraising campaigns.

Optimise Website for Donations

Any not-for-profit organisation must have a website to collect as many donations as possible. If you’re not a tech wizard, you may struggle with the best practices to use to get donations flooding in. The good news is IT support services can help you with this. Using their expertise can help you optimise your website for donations by integrating online payment systems. This helps to create user-friendly and secure forms.

Also, IT support services can help make sure your website is optimised for mobile. You will find many donors surfing the web on their smartphones. Because of this, you need to stay one step ahead of the game and ensure your website has the option to make donations. Just make sure it’s housed at the top of your page so users can see it!

Offer Online Training and Support

When it comes to increasing fundraising, IT support teams are able to provide training for both staff and volunteers. This is essential for charities as training provides employees with the skills and knowledge to support their fundraising efforts effectively.

IT support can help a charity set up and manage online training programmes and provide ongoing support for your organisation. Once your team knows the right tools and methods for maximising their fundraising efforts, this can only be a good thing for getting more donations.

Streamline Processes with Technology

With the right technology, charities can streamline their processes and lower administrative overheads. IT support services can assist charities with implementing systems like donor management software. This can help simplify the donation process.

What’s more, technology can provide valuable insights into donor behaviour. When you analyse these findings, you can develop new strategies to help bring in more donations and keep your charity on top.

To put it simply, charities that rely on IT support services for their fundraising campaigns have a major advantage when compared to organisations that don’t. Because you’re able to reach a wider audience, lower costs, and boost efficiency, charities can collect more donations which can only be a good thing for the organisation as a whole.

Technology continues to evolve, with new solutions emerging every year. To stay ahead of the game and increase fundraising, charities should look into taking advantage of IT support services. 

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