Mid-Way Environmental Services, Inc., Offers PFAS Waste Disposal Underground Injection Well

February 27 12:04 2023
Mid-Way Environmental Services, Inc., Offers PFAS Waste Disposal Underground Injection Well
Mid-Way Environmental Services announces the availability of PFAS waste disposal underground injection well.

Mid-Way Environmental Services, the leading non-hazardous liquid waste transportation, and disposal service, is offering PFAS waste disposal underground injection well. The Class I Non-hazardous Injection Well offers a responsible disposal alternative to the commercial and industrial business sector for non-exempt waste or waste generated at an industrial facility or as a result of a petroleum product spill from pipeline or storage facilities.

“Midway Environmental Services, Inc. is the only commercial/industrial class I injection well in Oklahoma,” says the spokesperson for the company. “We have a state-of-the-art facility capable of handling PFAS waste securely and can be very effective in the disposal of PFAS waste. We service Oklahoma, Kansas, Arkansas, Missouri, and Texas areas.”

The design, construction, and permitting of the company’s Class I Injection Well system was completed over a 12-year period. The project was carried out under the supervision of the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality (ODEQ) and Region 6 EPA.

The operating permit for non-hazardous industrial waste disposal was issued by the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality on August 11, 2014.

The facility is designed to treat and inject waste streams separately without having to co-mingle wastes. It has 21 storage tanks with over 800,000 gallons of total storage capacity and is designed to allow for the recovery and recycling of oil from waste streams.

Mid-Way also provides saltwater and wastewater disposal for oil and gas, exploration, and production industries. The facility is available at its commercial Class II saltwater disposal well facility near Stroud, Oklahoma. The facility operates six days a week and is equipped with multiple truck bays for simultaneous water offload.

Mid-Day provides cost-effective transportation and disposal services to its customers by partnering with its affiliated transportation company, Lincoln Transportation, Inc. (Lincoln).

In addition to the core disposal business, Mid-Way also provides other environmental services, including a Class II well for the oil and gas production industry. Permitted by OCC, this model facility is designed to accept bulk waste and has an oil separation and recycling system. It also has a drip condensate system.

The company incorporates the latest technologies to offer liquid storage, transfer, and underground injection.  All the components of the processing facility and the injection well are continuously monitored by computer systems. The facility personnel ensures the safest operation and strict compliance with facility permits and all local, state, and federal USEPA requirements. 

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