Poncho Elf and Charlie Angelo – The Rising Stars of Dog Fashion Take Social Media by Storm

February 27 20:48 2023

Have you ever seen a pup wearing clothes that you dreamt of trying on your dog? Or have you explored the dog models or dog influencers on Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook? Well, if so, you must have visited the social media profiles of Poncho Elf and Charlie Angelo.

After all, they are one of the favorite dogs as the rising stars in the fashion field among all! You’ll fall for the long-haired male Chihuahuas including Charlie Angelo after coming across to both these stars! Yes, we’re not kidding. It’s for real.

The Show Stoppers for Years!

Don’t just worry if you haven’t contacted these dog fashionista’s profile or their social media manager to explore more about them. We are ready to reveal some secrets about them.

Poncho Elf and Charlie Angelo are both brothers with extraordinary skills and guts to lead the fashion game with their looks. You can know this with the fact that Charlie’s father has been the show stopper or the most famous icon in the dog fashionista field for straight seven beauty Chihuahua championships.

Yes, you heard it right!

Would you mind believing that Poncho Elf and Charlie Angelo both weigh less than 2 kg? This is what makes them even more attention-catching tycoons among the dog influencers.

Many dog trainers who wish to stay in line with these dogs tend to follow the looks and fashion trends of these pups introduce among the dog models.

Trend Setters In Dog Fashion Shows!

Chihuahuas, the most fashionable dog breeds, hold the heart of the pet owners since they love to live in ultimate luxury. The same case is with Robert Paul pups. They are globally known as hotel dogs since they love to live in hotels.

Aren’t you amazed till now?

Mr. Robert Paul and his wife Kate Paul don’t feel any shame to disclose that both their pups are obsessed with overwhelming love and increasing number of followers.

In addition to this, they love to walk and roam around when they want to. There’s no hard and fast rule for training them for the dog fashion shows.

Many dog fashionistas and dog influencers love to follow their moves when they try to steal the show but guess who always sets a lead? Poncho Elf and Charlie Angelo!

Not a single dog model has the guts to compete with these fluffy pups in the fashion.

Leading Dog Influencers on Social Media

Have you ever gone through the professional profiles of dog fashionistas? If yes, there are many chances that you may have adored his dogs for performing so well in this industry.

The Instagram profile for Poncho Elf and Charlie Angelo has all details you want to know more about his dogs.

Both brothers love it when people follow them on social media profiles. Thus, don’t just give them a read but follow their accounts to get to know more!

In addition to Instagram or other social media platforms, you can visit their official website little chihuahuas, where every point you want to explore about Poncho Elf and Charlie Angelo is present.

So what are you waiting for? Go and press the follow button!

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